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That was my 14th build for the ar platform. Several in 223/556, 300 blackout, 6.5grendel, and then 1 in 308 and 458 socom. Some have been sold to build the next one, but i do currently still have 9 of them. The only factory built ar ive bought was a Dpms LR308 that i got used and then instantly upgraded barrel, free float handguard, gas system and muzzlebrake. Got a great deal on that one at $500 and it came with Hard case and a Harris bipod. Then sunk another $500 in it, but its exactly what i want and an absolute tack driver

I always say Legos for adults when it comes to building firearms


Do you have dinner plans??? ‘Limb rats’ sounds like good eating! Though it is just like any other meal… Too much of a good thing can spoil any appetite, for sure?!? I am picturing wrapping some bacon around it, some Italian breading with some fresh pineapple slices! I am getting really hungry now… Yup, it sounds like the BX Trigger is the ‘answer’ when your ready. I was contemplating spending ‘the big bucks’ on a new trigger assembly when initially thought about my build but the BX was the right decision (especially with the MCARBO Kit.) Polishing the sear and hammer would just make it CRAZY light, in my opinion. The trigger is ‘smoothe as butter’ now!


My 10/22 is my very first ‘complete lego set.’ I have rebuilt my Glock G17 3x’s and finally have it to ‘my’ perfection and that is all that matters? Big smiles! I can see myself building 2 or 3 AR platforms 223/556, 300 and 6.5 grendel. At least that is my plans.I won’t sell mine if I do 80% (unless I decide to get my FFL 7.) I purchased the AGI Glock Armorer Course and Practical Gunsmithing Course at a wonderful price.I know that it won’t make one a ‘gunsmith,’ but I really learned a lot from it. The courses actually built my confidence up. The brotherhood was also a Godsend! I could NEVER have done it ‘just’ with the help of youtube (if you know what I mean?) Big smiles! If one gives me a box of Glock parts/a box of 10/22 parts, I would have no trouble… I am sure an AR set up would be the same for me once I delve into it??? I am not sure how much I will enjoy the recoil on the AR systems? I have a lot of ‘nerve challenges’ because of my advanced diabetes and reprocussions of ‘nerve pain’ is not very pleasant for me!!! I know that buffer kits and recoil spring kits will be a priority, for sure!!! :+1:


Sorry to hear about the nerve issues and diabetes. There are quite a few products out there to help mitigate felt recoil. Look into the jp silent captured spring and buffer systems and there are also some recoil reducing buttstocks out there as well. And dont skimp on a good quality muzzlebrake. That will help with felt recoil as well.


@lonewolf @Texprep ya know, long as its after first frost (kills the WOLS parasites) fattened on pecan tree rats/limb rats make a fine Perlo…:+1::+1::+1::+1:


Despite my ‘lack of funds,’ I don’t ‘skimp’ when it comes to my firearm builds… If you look at my ‘Current Projects/Builds,’ I have listed all my parts on my 10/22 set-up! The only ‘skimping’ that I can possibly do is on the part that I have completely FORGOTTEN… Big smiles! And that can happen in one of my ‘medically induced’ BLONDE MOMENTS… All kidding aside,I don’t use my medical challenges as any excuses! They are the result of poor family genetics. I was in martial arts in my ‘younger days.’ My extreme workouts and my desire to not put ‘foreign junk’ in my body has enabled me to gain control of my ‘weaknesses.’ My grandparents on both sides did not have good survival histories. I have already ‘outlived’ them! I plan on dying when Spirit is ‘ready’ for me. I plan on going out by natural cause and NOT by a family genetic issue, if you know what I mean! Right on…I will definitely 'pick your brain when it comes time for my first AR BUILD. Big smiles! I will be looking forward to 'our collaboration, brother… :+1:


Ya know Buck, my doctor is a little concerned about my losing weight recently. I usually run around 180 lbs. I have been as low as 162 while working. I have been disabled since 2012 and havent worked since. I seen my doctor quarterly. I was 182 on my last visit. This past visit, I weighed in at 164 (not ‘trying’ for any weight loss.) I told him that I had found myself just ‘not eating’ and only eating when I am hungry… My statement to him was, ’ I guess that I find myself under NO STRESS…’ Nothing else was said so I guess there are NO WORRIES?


weight is a rolling battle with me. i skip 2 meals drop 5 lbs. everytime. my normal since boot 179-185 without gear. still the same. that last month stay in the hospital, down to 135. looked bad. took me almost 3 months to get back up to 170 10lbs to go. if your metabolic rate is anything like mine, hungry or not you gotta eat. fuel in the engine so to speak. when im sedentary and cant move around, I tend to skip meals. right now im eating everything that wont eat me first.
Last doc visit, checking on this nightmare they trying to get rid of , doctor remarked,
“damn you have a sixpack.” excellent.:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: over 60, back side and part of the front look like a layout of a western union railyard (scars)
whole lumbar is caged, so technically those muscles should have atrophied long ago, as they is no bending in the middle for me, SOB cant fix yet what he screwed up ( I am currently a bio hazard courtesy of MUSC/VA :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:) couple of the nurses down there even dubbed me the “Lab Rat” (LLLLLLLLONG STORY)
yep that lil titbit of information really bolster my EGO, with that I might be able to pick up chicks :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: like thats ever going to happen.
any way, got off on a tangent there, even when you dont feel like it ya gotta eat. three meals a day. fresh veggies, fruit, local eggs, raw milk, meat i know waked on dirt. lot of venison. lil beat of junk food i eat, pickled onions, beef jerky, and chocolate covered cherries , my weakness…


@GOBLIN I hope you feel better and get well soon Buck. I know real well how frustrating something like this can be. Especially when your an active feller! :disappointed:


thanx brother, I feel fine, I tend to ignore crap and push fwd, but this lil device is the bane of my existence. broke one off and sprayed the world with blood, ripped one out, and third one got infected (one shown) now its in the left side, and to save it, I wrap the whole arm in vet wrap, (same thing they use on animals) to keep both the leashes i hang up tight to the skin.(even hung one up by slammin it in the truck door, that was a sudden stop)
2 more weeks… and it comes out and im makein that trip to WV. thunder and lightnin run :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Damnit Buck, you gotta be careful with them lines! (I know I am the pot calling the kettle black).


@Johnksg i try brother, I really do, but most medical equipment is to light duty for my hard headed butt…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: its what i do!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


@GOBLIN Speaking of builds what do you have in the works brother?


got those 3 poly AR lowers ive gotta do something with, a 36 cal muzzle loader kit I got to put together and finish(yard sale find) the Model 29 to re assy,(when the parts show back up) and a 1912 Winchester rifle to finish…:smiling_imp: ya know idle hands and all that…


@GOBLIN lol. Yeah I can’t sleep because of the steroids. I am like a chipmunk on crack!

Finished all of my target stands and barricades today. Cured a faulty Mossberg 930 of its woes and of course I need to stop by the store and get some RTV to try on that spring. I also have a Henry that my brother dropped off that has some serious issues.

But other than that and my teaching schedule I basically have nothing to do! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hell with aint sleepin, aint it???:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: Henry with issues?
only seen one here with issues, and it got dropped off the dog box of a moving truck…



Wow. Sounds like you are having to go thru a lot of pain and agony.

Hope you can recover soon and feel much better!



What kind(s) of issues are you having with your Henry rifle?


Its my brothers and he has several of them as he is big into cowboy action.

Basically the shell is not loading properly on the elevator and when you work the lever forward it is mangling the round.



Thanks for the info. What caliber and model is it?