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@Malnick Very nice looking HiPoint Tony.:+1:


@Don68 Thank you sir…I have a couple friends building S2K’s and I wanted to do something different…


I was ‘really’ hoping that the Boyds Stock was an ‘expensive’ piece of driftwood? After going through all assemblies, I figured there were enough bells and whistles to make an expensive floating device and handle all marine applications??? :crazy_face:


I have had quite a bit of ‘operator error’ on the build. I had made a costly mistake when drilling the receiver on my trigger assembly… When I called it a Custom, it is! I had to remove some material out of the magazine pocket or I would have ‘lost’ the receiver. I thought that I took all the time in setting up the jig properly. I even purchased the AGI Custom 10/22 videos and Basic Gunsmithing Course… Does that make one an ‘experienced’ gunsmith??? H. E double HOCKEY STICK (NO WAY !!!) However, it proved to be a ‘crucial’ education with a bonus DVD Library… Those purchases gave me ‘years’ of invaluable LEG UP instructions. Even with all of my automotive/machinist experience, I would have never attempted a firearm build without it. I also have to mention the additional encouragement of my M*CARBO Brothers!!! Big smiles. I cannot wait to accomplish more builds! :+1:


New build for the wife and daughter coming along nicely. Decided to go black/blue as there isnt much out there for yellow.
Still waiting on the bcg to arrive. Should be here tomorrow. Scope should be here as well tomorrow. Using a Vortex Crossfire II 2-7× 32 for this build. Also have a set of anodized blue scope rings ordered, but not sure when those are going to show up.


@d.kaufman2154 Nice color combination and rifle.:+1:


The 300 blackout build or as one of my friends refers to it the “schweinabwherpistole” (anti pig pistol) is finally complete. Ended up going a different direction with the optic. I think ill be much happier with the 3x magnifier on a flip to side mount behind an aimpoint PRO than i would have been with the fixed 3x prism sight id planned to use.


My Volquartsen Bedding Kit arrived today. It was the ‘best’ $35 spent. It literally took 5 minutes to install. It cames with a collared drill bit that cut clean into the stock. A perfectly flat aluminum bushing that rests up against the receiver and a choice of two barrel rests! I am convinced it will save a few hours of range time and leave my pockets lined with extra beer money? :thinking:


Im building my first ar all my parts should be in by end of next week psa 16" carbine m4 design upper and parts kit from psa and 80% lower and jig kit from brownell plus i will be hydro dipping it like most of my guns i will post pictures when i get started



Just finished a 10" AR pistol in .300 BLK, a friend gave me an upper so I built the lower but started with a milled Anderson MFG lower not an 80%. Just went on Youtube and watched lower parts install videos, learned alot and enjoyed doing it.


I figure if i didnt have no problem putting my sub2k back together with the mcarbo parts i shouldnt have no trouble with ar. I doin this first one in 5.56/223 but allready planing my next one in 45acp


Finally got the scope mount. Warne xskel. Blue is just a shade off from the strike industries blue line parts, but will have to do
Now just need some decent weather to let the daughter get it dialed in.


Nice looking build, Don.


Mike, I had thought you should know that I had to get the ‘last’ word on our conversation that we had started about our discussion on subsonic ammo… I just ordered a Tactical Solutions 16.5’’ threaded black nitrate barrel with a 1:9 twist. I am not ‘crazy’ about a 3.2 pound weight compared to 19 ounces from my Magnum Research Barrel… All that talk about cans, I had wondered? :thinking: I am contemplating installing the Magnum Research Barrel on my next build that has my wife’s name on it !!! What’s a ‘few’ extra dollars spent when one’s wife gives permission??? Besides, after seeing how ‘my’ custom turned out, she is becoming ancy herself!!! So now, I can start ‘individually’ wrapping a bunch of parts so that I will have EVERYTHING ready to put under the tree for next Christmas! She has decided that she will like the SAME custom set up as myself with the exception of the blue stock. She fancies purple. I had just wished she didn’t have as expensive tastes such as myself!!! :cry:


I was out shooting the 10/22 I have set up for sub sonic ammo today. At 50 yards it was shooting GREAT. It’s definitely capable of shooting better than me. I am still having some FTE/stovepipe issues with subsonic ammo. Regular long rifle ammo works fine. I had switched to a 10% lighter recoil spring and ground and hardened guide rod for the bolt (Kidd) and it helped some. Put a trigger gauge on it today and have about a 6.5 lb. trigger pull. I’m beginning to think my problem is the trigger/hammer spring. Too much resistance to cycle properly with the lighter loads of subsonic ammo. Anyhow, ordered the Mcarbo 2-1/2llb spring today and have polished the sliding surfaces in the receiver and bolt. Feels better now, but going to wait and test again until after the new spring gets here.


Thank you sir! I really enjoy building my ARs


I am sure that the amount of trigger pull is affecting your accuracy. The stove piping (if occuring during the cycle of ejection is too rapid,) a lighter spring will definitely solve the problem. I take it that your trigger is stock? I used the Ruger BX Trigger (paid $53.) It states a pull of 2.5-3.0 pounds right out of the box! Mine pulled 2.4 out of the box~ I replaced the trigger return spring with the M*CARBO Kit and saw 1.4 without polishing the hammer/sear! You will be pleased, my friend…


I cannot wait to build mine, for sure! I love your blue anodized hardware… It really makes it stand out!!!


Yup, stock trigger. This 10/22 came from my FIL when he passed away. He NEVER cleaned a gun, would just buy another one when the quit working. I got it and cleaned it real well and it did good. I had a suppressor for my Walther PPK/22 so I decided this 10/22 would become a project gun. Replaced the barrel with a 1/9 twist rate for the heavy 60gr. sub sonic loads. Like I said, this barrel is accurate, lighter trigger will make me more accurate. As long as it’s ready by July or August when the squirrels start stealing my pecans, I’ll be happy. Then I’ll sit on the back patio with a cold one and rain death on them pecan stealing limb rats.


BTW, I have the Tactical Solutions Recoil Spring to compensate for the ‘faster cycling…’ Thank you for the ‘reminder!’ It would have been ‘another’ aggravating moment at the range? LOL Patience is not a ‘virtue’ for me as I am aging into a ‘crotchedy ol f’er…’ I do not know any other way to put it… Big smiles!