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Many thanks. It was my ‘first’ design and build from start to finish… It definitely exceeded my expectations! I had ‘too’ much fun on the build??? Big smiles! I need to order the Volquartsen Barrel Screw Kit (Maybe then I can call it ‘quits’ for a little while???)


@lonewolf That’s the standard twist rate for a 10/22. Its designed to shoot the widest range of 22 LR ammo from around 25-45 gr. It will shoot the heavier 60gr. subsonic, but it WILL NOT stabilize it properly. Faster twist, 1-9 barrels are designed specifically for heavy subsonic 22 ammo. I am attaching a link to show what im talking about. You can also search the web on shooting subsonic 22 ammo for more info.


Mike, mybadd… I was just ‘thinking’ about the rave on the barrel itself when referencing the ‘good review’ on it! Yes, I realize that the ‘standard twist’ wont steady the heavyweight ammo at faster velocities… I guess that I will be ‘collecting’ more barrels along with ‘cans?’ A never-ending collection of TOYS… Big smiles!


Thats exactly the reason i purposely build a second 10/22.
I must say im jealous. Thats about the nicest 10/22 ive ever seen. Good job!


Mike, having a lot of time on ‘contemplating’ the build turned out to be a HUGE advantage… My 22 AR-style will have that ‘subsonic’ barrel rifling… I am designing a receiver that will handle a 22MAG/17HR with the use of an additional mounted recoil spring. Again, two barrels will be needed. I believe the subsonic barrel will go BEST with that set-up. What are your thoughts???


@lonewolf The one problem i ran into making the subsonic 10/22 is the recoil spring for the bolt. Because the subsonic ammo has a lighter powder charge it has less recoil and every so often it wouldnt completely cycle the bolt, especially when i had the suppressor attached. Someone on this forum helped me solve the problem by suggesting a lighter recoil spring. Gun runs like a champ now. With subsonic ammo and the suppressor attached all you hear is the bolt cycling and a barely audible pew. Its WAY quieter than my pellet gun. Guess what im saying is you may also need different recoil (buffer) springs for your different calibers in your AR style build depending on which caliber/barrel your shooting.


That is what I understand with the 22MAG set-up. I have additional springs from Tactical Innovations. The 17HR and 22LR is set-up using the same recoil spring. It would be nice to not have to ‘interchange’ so many different parts when using different applications?


You’re gonna make me go measure the twist on my Marlin 880sq. I can tell you it’s close to a one hole shooter with 60g Subs. I’ll try to scrape up spec’s but it’s been awhile since Marlin did any heavy barrel rimfires. FWIW - my 7000s stabilize’m enough to make round holes where I point’m too.


I have just noticed ’ slight’ play of up and down movement with the trigger assembly within the Boyds stock. I guess that I will have to get the Volquartsen ‘Bedding’ System to eliminate that wankiness? There adds an additional $40 to my build… Isn’t that SPECIAL. I guess that I would rather have figured it to be a problem NOW then go to the range and get disappointed over some groupings LATER?


Winchester 1200 20 gauge pump.



Nothing special. Just a HD version of a really good shotgun. I’ll be adding an 18" barrel, soon.
The ATI parts are kinda cheap but look good and are functional, except the heat shield, it was junk.
With the cost of the RPG and forend at under $40, shipping included, that’s a cheap, awesome upgrade.


Ive got a old ithica ive been saving for a project, one of these is going on it.

www.sarcoinc.com sells em, currently out of stock, www.partsforantiqueguns.com sells em, current cost $195 instock ,(SARCO is $135, reason they out of stock.

they make the repop trench gun heat shields for Stevens, Ithica and Winchester, they do have to be fitted though, but they are solid /well made


I had an old ithica pump shotgun many years ago. At that time i lived down in the swamps of Louisiana in the pearl river basin. Used to sit on the front porch and shoot ducks as they would come in. Thing i liked about that gun was you could just hold the trigger and fire as fast as you could pump it. Have no idea what happened to the shotgun but i’d sure like to have it today.


@Texprep early model 37 pre dis-connector. long as you held the trigger it would slam fire…


As promised, brothers… Here is my 10/22 Custom build list…

  1. Boyds Thumbhole (Barracuda) Stock
  2. Vortex Crossfire Red Dot
  3. 18" Magnum Research Carbine Fiber Barrel (Kahr Firearms)
  4. Tactical Innovations 80% Receiver, Jig and Drill Bit Kit
  5. JHW Customs Bolt Assembly
  6. Magnum Research Bolt Action and Lever Assembly (Kahr Firearms)
  7. Tactical Innovations (heavy-duty) Recoil Spring
  8. Volquartsen Firing Pin, Extractor and Spring Assemblies
  9. Volquartsen Stock Screw, Stock Bedding System (ordered)
  10. Tactical Innovations Adjusting V-Block and Barrel Screws
  11. TandemKross Magazine (try out)
  12. Ruger BX Trigger Assembly
  13. M*CARBO Trigger Kit

If I had missed anything, I am sure that one of my ‘eagle-eyed’ brothers/sisters will call it out??? Big smiles!


@lonewolf … I don’t know how much Volq marks up their “kit”, but I do know that a fairly shallow dive into youtube and a trip to home depot will get you all you need to bed an action for a little north of $10.

I forgot … I don’t think HD sells the neutral shoe polish I use as q release agent.


There is a ‘collared’ drill bit that enables a ‘re-drilling’ of the stock. A custom bushing is installed for added stability. It puts a Volquartsen ‘spin’ on the stock… I could have easily (padded) or (floated) the stock through a ‘trial and error’ process of my own, but Volquartsen is known for their accuracy? I figured $34.25 was worth my time spent on a ‘more pleasant’ adventure? I don’t believe that it due to my ‘laziness?’ I already went all out on expenses? Big smiles!


Finally got the scope (vortex viper pst 4-16x) mounted, just need to order some 6.5CM and get it test fired and zeroed (and painted)


Just finished my inexpensive build…MidTen scope (has the ocular adjustment, I’m about blind… And it’s cheap)… Thingmeister trigger, Mcarbo trigger spring, Down Range charging bolt, Longshot barrel shroud, cheapy eBay bipod and foregrip and a whole can of Krylon camouflage extra flat khaki. Very accurate and about the only Hi-Point product I would buy. I think it came out good…


GIve you a safety hint if you want me to ?

Do not take it swimming you might lose it in the water :rofl::beer::tumbler_glass:


If you MISS anything it is not the hardware’s fault.
It would be operator error :rofl::boom::beer: