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@hunter1916 Doug heifernan haha


I am out of likes… you mean the ‘rug sucking tool guy?’ lol Mybadd… It was HeiferNAN not HeiferMAN… Gets me in ‘trouble’ every time…


Milton, check out www.kgmade.net about this integrel suppressor made barrel… It is 16.5" and weighing in at 19oz! All for $525 + $200 tax stamp. From what I understand, President Trump will sign the Hearing Protection Act… Now if this happens, I am sure that the Firearm Industry will be hit with ‘higher taxing’ and drive consumers to pay higher pricing. That being said, it should be interesting to follow this product?


HOOT … President Trump will not get the opportunity to sign HPA b4 2020. I’d discuss it, but it’d get us both banned.

Regarding integrally suppressed barrels - I am absolutely hoping this is on Top of Chris’ plans for Sub 2000 with the Type 7 FFL. If he builds it, I believe 1. it will sell and 2. LE will start buy’n as well. I am seriously considering building one for myself on a Form 1.


Beyond politics, the integrally suppressed barrels and exponential growth will be fascinating to watch!

As far as the collaboration with Kel-Tec is concerned, it can only enhance MCARBO’s position in the firearm industry. @ChrisNelson Our brotherhood is a ‘built-in’ R&D WORKHORSE… **We are ‘employed’ 24/7!!! I am sure with the Type 7 FFL, MCARBO will manufacture its own carbine line at some point. Besides, many are complaining about Kel-Tec Customer Service. That is something that will have to be addressed, for sure! Our brotherhood has 'marketing, R&D, and Customer Service ‘nailed…’ The strength of MCARBO aftermarket part production is a winner. How Kel-Tec could not benefit from TEAM MCARBO??? I am waiting for the M*CARBO Sub2K 80% Kit, myself…


Well team, I am ecstatic! My barrel has arrived… It slid in the receiver like butter. All I have to do is install the trigger assembly and bolt it to my stock. I installed the flat bracket to my Red Dot and battery is set (I got power…) I just have to figure out the most comfort, and mount the piece accordingly. :+1:


So folks I took into my keep an M17. I have been searching the vast knowledge that I figure is out there on this MOD MAD gun.

Any suggestions about where to look .
I have been seeing APEX and Grayguns as sources of “trigger kits”,. As sources of hardware (internal parts ) and watching a boat load of video WOW OOB nice shooter.
Tweck the trigger and I bet it is great. .


The ‘‘official’’ weight of the custom 22 is 4 pounds 8.2 ozs. without the red dot (5 ozs.) This is ‘crazy’ light! Big smiles.


If you go for a can on that 10/22 i hope you got a fast twist barrel. I wanted to shoot the heavier (60 gr.) bullets so i wouldnt sacrifice too much energy shooting my 10/22 suppressed. The standard barrel has a pretty slow twist for the lighter 30-40 gr. bullets. When i tried shooting 60 gr. subsonic ammo they would keyhole. Had to switch to a 9-1/2 twist (think thats what it is) to shoot the heavier bullet. Bad thing about the faster twist barrel is the lighter/faster bullets will spin too fast and disintegrate. Needless to say, had to buy a second 10/22 so i wouldnt have to switch barrels all the time.


Here it is brothers… My completed Custom! I cannot wait to play. I ‘still’ have to wait for my mags…


@lonewolf Very nice!:+1::+1::+1:


Many thanks, Don. I really enjoyed this build! I had never expected it to be as light as it turned out. It is 5 pounds 3 oz without the magazine!


Yeah, those Magnum Research barrels are unbelievably light. Nice job.


@lonewolf that is a lovely looking gun brother


Mike, my barrel is 1:16 twist (Benz.) It will handle all of it. It has the Volquartsen firing pin and extractor set up. The bolt was beveled and hardened. I don’t believe I missed ‘anything’ except polishing the hammer and sear! However, with my trigger pulls @ 1 pound 6 oz (thanks to M*CARBO @ChrisNelson,) anything (lighter) would scare me… Big smiles!


Thanks, Kieran!


The Magnum Research barrel was a ‘pleasing accident’ that weighs 19 oz! Big smiles.



Nice looking set up, the one reason I never went with an aftermarket barrel on my 10/22 build was that everyone I looked at (at that time) would not except/shoot the CCI Stinger round (32gr. 1640fps CP-HP) which is a round I really like.


Thank you! I am really excited about this set up. I have done a lot of homework. You cannot imagine how many times that I had ‘built’ this set up in my mind. I really consider myself ‘new’ to guns. I had shot them with my father and friends for nearly 40 years, but I never had owned one until 2012. I had found out that my hobby was too expensive (being disabled and on limited funds.) After ‘qualifying’ with my Glock and purchasing one, I purchased a Ruger SR22 to ‘plink.’ I had to replace the recoil spring (plastic guide,) and ended up with (2) more barrels- one for more accurate target shooting and one that would allow me to ‘legally’ hunt. I then got more comfortable and decided to rebuild my Glock so that I had ‘options.’ When I had purchased my Mossberg 88, I was not happy with my trigger and that is when I ‘stumbled’ onto M*CARBO @ChrisNelson! Well, you know ‘boys and their toys?’ Big smiles! My adventure with my 10/22 Custom began… I am sure that this build will be ‘everything’ that I had expected? And then some!! I already have a future AR-style build, in my head… I am already ‘customizing/designing’ (in my head) a new 80% receiver build using an additional spring and ‘hardening’ of a bolt to build a CROSSOVER platform to handle 17HR and 22MAG (utilizing different barrels, of course!) I don’t think I would have taken this ‘challenge’ on if it weren’t for The Brotherhood… Right on!


@lonewolf Very nice indeed! Love the colors in the stock - very unique. Ya done good :+1: