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Well team, I am ecstatic! My barrel has arrived… It slid in the receiver like butter. All I have to do is install the trigger assembly and bolt it to my stock. I installed the flat bracket to my Red Dot and battery is set (I got power…) I just have to figure out the most comfort, and mount the piece accordingly. :+1:


So folks I took into my keep an M17. I have been searching the vast knowledge that I figure is out there on this MOD MAD gun.

Any suggestions about where to look .
I have been seeing APEX and Grayguns as sources of “trigger kits”,. As sources of hardware (internal parts ) and watching a boat load of video WOW OOB nice shooter.
Tweck the trigger and I bet it is great. .


The ‘‘official’’ weight of the custom 22 is 4 pounds 8.2 ozs. without the red dot (5 ozs.) This is ‘crazy’ light! Big smiles.


If you go for a can on that 10/22 i hope you got a fast twist barrel. I wanted to shoot the heavier (60 gr.) bullets so i wouldnt sacrifice too much energy shooting my 10/22 suppressed. The standard barrel has a pretty slow twist for the lighter 30-40 gr. bullets. When i tried shooting 60 gr. subsonic ammo they would keyhole. Had to switch to a 9-1/2 twist (think thats what it is) to shoot the heavier bullet. Bad thing about the faster twist barrel is the lighter/faster bullets will spin too fast and disintegrate. Needless to say, had to buy a second 10/22 so i wouldnt have to switch barrels all the time.


Here it is brothers… My completed Custom! I cannot wait to play. I ‘still’ have to wait for my mags…


@lonewolf Very nice!:+1::+1::+1:


Many thanks, Don. I really enjoyed this build! I had never expected it to be as light as it turned out. It is 5 pounds 3 oz without the magazine!


Yeah, those Magnum Research barrels are unbelievably light. Nice job.


@lonewolf that is a lovely looking gun brother


Mike, my barrel is 1:16 twist (Benz.) It will handle all of it. It has the Volquartsen firing pin and extractor set up. The bolt was beveled and hardened. I don’t believe I missed ‘anything’ except polishing the hammer and sear! However, with my trigger pulls @ 1 pound 6 oz (thanks to M*CARBO @ChrisNelson,) anything (lighter) would scare me… Big smiles!


Thanks, Kieran!


The Magnum Research barrel was a ‘pleasing accident’ that weighs 19 oz! Big smiles.



Nice looking set up, the one reason I never went with an aftermarket barrel on my 10/22 build was that everyone I looked at (at that time) would not except/shoot the CCI Stinger round (32gr. 1640fps CP-HP) which is a round I really like.


Thank you! I am really excited about this set up. I have done a lot of homework. You cannot imagine how many times that I had ‘built’ this set up in my mind. I really consider myself ‘new’ to guns. I had shot them with my father and friends for nearly 40 years, but I never had owned one until 2012. I had found out that my hobby was too expensive (being disabled and on limited funds.) After ‘qualifying’ with my Glock and purchasing one, I purchased a Ruger SR22 to ‘plink.’ I had to replace the recoil spring (plastic guide,) and ended up with (2) more barrels- one for more accurate target shooting and one that would allow me to ‘legally’ hunt. I then got more comfortable and decided to rebuild my Glock so that I had ‘options.’ When I had purchased my Mossberg 88, I was not happy with my trigger and that is when I ‘stumbled’ onto M*CARBO @ChrisNelson! Well, you know ‘boys and their toys?’ Big smiles! My adventure with my 10/22 Custom began… I am sure that this build will be ‘everything’ that I had expected? And then some!! I already have a future AR-style build, in my head… I am already ‘customizing/designing’ (in my head) a new 80% receiver build using an additional spring and ‘hardening’ of a bolt to build a CROSSOVER platform to handle 17HR and 22MAG (utilizing different barrels, of course!) I don’t think I would have taken this ‘challenge’ on if it weren’t for The Brotherhood… Right on!


@lonewolf Very nice indeed! Love the colors in the stock - very unique. Ya done good :+1:


Many thanks. It was my ‘first’ design and build from start to finish… It definitely exceeded my expectations! I had ‘too’ much fun on the build??? Big smiles! I need to order the Volquartsen Barrel Screw Kit (Maybe then I can call it ‘quits’ for a little while???)


@lonewolf That’s the standard twist rate for a 10/22. Its designed to shoot the widest range of 22 LR ammo from around 25-45 gr. It will shoot the heavier 60gr. subsonic, but it WILL NOT stabilize it properly. Faster twist, 1-9 barrels are designed specifically for heavy subsonic 22 ammo. I am attaching a link to show what im talking about. You can also search the web on shooting subsonic 22 ammo for more info.


Mike, mybadd… I was just ‘thinking’ about the rave on the barrel itself when referencing the ‘good review’ on it! Yes, I realize that the ‘standard twist’ wont steady the heavyweight ammo at faster velocities… I guess that I will be ‘collecting’ more barrels along with ‘cans?’ A never-ending collection of TOYS… Big smiles!


Thats exactly the reason i purposely build a second 10/22.
I must say im jealous. Thats about the nicest 10/22 ive ever seen. Good job!


Mike, having a lot of time on ‘contemplating’ the build turned out to be a HUGE advantage… My 22 AR-style will have that ‘subsonic’ barrel rifling… I am designing a receiver that will handle a 22MAG/17HR with the use of an additional mounted recoil spring. Again, two barrels will be needed. I believe the subsonic barrel will go BEST with that set-up. What are your thoughts???