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Current Projects/Builds


What’s everyone got in the pipeline right now for gun projects and builds? I’m currently toying with the idea of building a second PCC to run built around a Quarter Circle 10 Glock small frame lower receiver chambered in .357SIG.


Im debating building a 6.5 creedmor upper that i can use on my lr308 lower. Use the 308 for up to 500 yards and the creed for 500 and beyond


Just before the last election, taking advantage of some sales, I picked up a couple of Mag Tactical (now Fostech) unassembled lowers, and a pair of Tennessee Arms stripped polymer lowers, one of them one of their ‘phantom’ (clear) lowers.

I’ve been gathering the other parts so I can assemble full weapons from them, which has been going slow when you’re trying to get enough pieces for 4 weapons, and I like to ‘add lightness’ by using a lot of titanium.

I recently picked up a 7.62 upper, which will probably go on one of the Mag Tactical lowers, and I plan to make the phantom lower in to a dedicated .22 LR rifle, since I’m not sure how much abuse that clear polymer lower can take. The jury is still out on the other two, and while I’ve been thinking about a PCC from one of them, others have indicated that they tend to be klunky and undependable. We’ll see. Sure wish American Tactical would sell just the upper for their Onmi Max .410.


@FoldedCarbine yea I’ve checked out that .410 and it seems pretty cool. I’d just want the upper as well.


Currently have 3 active projects all in various stages of completion.

Sub2K, just about done, waiting for the muzzle break and debating on the other new parts.

Ruger 10/22 takedown/backpacker have all the upgrade/customization parts in hand right now except the actual gun lmao (gun show on the 6/30-7/1 weekend, will pick one up then) will be done an hour after I have gun in hand. :grinning:

AR15 pistol Have all parts but have not started to assemble. I also doing a custom “riptile” paint job which is the reason I have not started it yet, need some time & good weather to do it right.


Just received my S2K back in good condition today. Been gone for about 9 weeks. Have not been to the range yet.

While waiting I have been working on adding two magazine holders. See attached pictures. Got this method from someone else on the forum, cannot remember who.


Guess it’s good you probably don’t like a forward grip on the forend. :grinning:


I started with two Blackhawk double stack mag cases (410600PBK). I then had to use my dremmel tool to remove the center rib on the back of the mag case to allow the

small M-LOK polymer rails to fit the back of the case. I used the small M-LOK rail and decided to put one on each side with the magazine opening facing backwards.

Trial fit the case to the Rail so as to not get too loose. Mine are snug and rock solid on the SUB2000…

Here is the link to a youtube video for more information and how to.


Additional pictures below.

James “Kenny” Haig


I am looking for a folding forward grip. Just have not found one I like yet.


Any thoughts on possibly making a spare mag holder mount for gen 2 sub 2000?


I’ve been toying with building one of the 80% Glock kits, build a G17 to match up with my sub2k. I’ve never been a Glock fan but the opportunity to customize the slide and grips. It is intriguing.


@Proinsias I’ve been looking at the polymer80 myself. Just as a fun project.


KM55, I have 3 of the rubber overmold ergonomic foregrips on rifles, most comfortable one ive ever shot from fab-defense. guess that’s why i always end up with one.
the only downside, ya gotta get creative adding a button switch… i used a sewn piece of elastic and added the switch to that. lot like adding a ranger band…


@Kona Just finished up a Polymer 80 Gen 2 build. Used all my old stock Glock parts I had from my Glock 35 (.40S&W) but installed a .40 to 9mm conversion barrel. Could also be converted to a 357Sig with a simple barrel and magazine swap.


@dave67 been really wanting to do a poly80. How was it?


@Kona I’ve had the kit for a while and decided to watch some videos on YouTube and found some quick effective shortcuts. Some small snips removed most material and followed up with a Dremel tool, took me about an hour. The Gen 2 kit is a much improved and simpler build over the Gen 1 Poly 80 where you actually had to make grooves in the plastic frame for the slide.


@dave67 looking forward to your range report :+1:t2:


Talk me off the ledge boys


@Kona … brother, I’ve put bedliner on 2 rifles and counting. Did you ask for help balancing? Maybe you want me to shove you off my ledge?


Ive never spray painted a gun. If I do this it’s just going to be the handguard, grips, buttstock. Any advice, tips, don’t do its? Haha