Current projects/builds NOT firearms related 🛠

Eufy offers systems with local storage but they use the internet to send images and info to your phone. They are battery operated and need charging every 4-6 months. Mine work very well.

Here is an example:


Just finished my first watch band for a regular local customer. Its for his father in law who is really obese. All regular watch bands cut off circulation. So i got tasked with making extra long band. I made the same guy a belt last year total length was 78". This watch band was a fun project but personally i wouldnt care if i never did another watch band. Very tedious work. I did the main outside strap in a dark brown cordovan dyed leather. And the little parts in a buckskin color. And natural vegtan for liner so theres no chance of skin irritation. Then stitched it all together with a golden color thread.


Yet here you are advertising top notch custom work… and making me think about one…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl:


I can guarantee that watch band will be around way after the guys timex watch is long gone :joy: you know me josh ill put in the extra work and do certain jobs for my regular guys because what goes around comes around. As a profitable business venture watch bands is not the way to go. Now if i was doing it in some sort of exotic skin where it would be a more premium product it would balance out the labor involved. But with regular cow hide and such the max range would never pay for the time. Not doing it all by hand anyway. And i just cant bring myself to using sewing machine not and get the quality i want to leave my shop.


i could wear that around my waist


Here’s the main emission components to a 2.9l twin turbo Volvo XC90….

168k and swapping the factory ones out


Sweet. Looks similar to what VW uses.

Started working up plans for the roof of the chicken run. The tarp works but I have to support it to make the water drain off. And its leaking already. So some clear or smoked roofing stuff and some wood and I’ll be golden. Probably start it next sun/mon when I’m off work. Oh and also the structure for the shade netting over the water barrels.

This last typhoon rain we got had all 6 of the over flows going full blast. So much water was being caught it was insane.


Peppers are finally coming in…I own their late start…

Canned a few more tomatoes with a few of them



Looks interesting if you have the material laying around.
I wouldn’t lean back too hard on it…there must be some back support that can’t be seen? :person_shrugging:

Looks like 3 x 3” or 4 x 4” Doug fir? or Redwood?


Doing some more stuff on the car. Got some used brake/taillights in better condition than what’s currently on it, cleaned them up and re-painted the matte black trim. After that they got polished and installed. Also found a NOS LS backup/taillight and it’s on the car now as well. Still looking for the RS bu/tl. And I finally found a set of rims. While not the OEM El Dorado 5 spoke, these polished up real nice.

caddy rimsc



@Festus I thought you were going to put those rims on your 4wheeler LOL

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Finished monday night the new roof for the chickens run (for when its raining).


And do You give Vet’s a long Term Rental Discount?
Love the Colors You Picked Out’ :rofl:


Gorilla glue works great on cinder blocks!


Didn’t think of that….I have tons of Sub Floor Adhesive around.


Currently rebuilding my crashed race bike after a crash at Roebling Road Raceway in Pooler GA. I’ve been riding bikes since I turned 20yrs old, so it’s been almost 20yrs. Fun times. It’s a 2015 Yamaha R1


Stay safe. I had a friend that started racing his GSXR 750. He had a faulty radiator cap during a track day at Road America. Antifreeze seeped out into the path of his rear tire and caused him to do a knarly high-side. He busted up his hands and wrists pretty bad.


Thanks! I’ve crashed a total of 7 times, totaled two motorcycles, and had my fair share of near misses. It’s a brutal sport but the most fun you can have with clothes on.


I always wanted to do a track day when I had my '06 Ninja 636. But my fear was I’d enjoy it way too much lol


Valid fear, because it would have immediately become true. After my first track day I stopped riding street completely and went only track riding. Best decision I ever made. I can ride as fast as my heart desires and skills will allow without legal consequences.