Current projects/builds NOT firearms related 🛠

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing Sam with guns ablaze. I may have to buy a bike.


Maize morado, well above 14 feet tall!


Still working the beehives. Update coming soon. Learn more about honey…


Been straighten up my shop a little in hopes to be able to get back to using my pool table. Leather has consumed my entire shop including my “man cave” side. Picked up several metal shelves from scrap yard to help bring a touch of organization to the chaos.


A pool table is like a home gym. It seems to just accumulate stuff when not in use.


Its alive again. Now for a cold beer and few hot games of 9 ball :sunglasses:

Just a old single quarter 6’ bar table from way back. But it shoots great. About time to recover it again. Me and friend i got table from did the burgundy around 10 years ago. We called a guy and after his crazy price we watched some you tube vids and jumped on it. Its held up really good for some of the wild nights that table has seen. Im gonna get a custom felt made for it next time with my logo @TexasEskimo created for me. The metal corners was pretty pitted and dinged up so i hydro dipped them couple years back with american flag skulls wrapped in barbwire.


Oh queen honeybee where art thou? :person_shrugging::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


Reading a frame…still learning. Not easy to do when the bees are agitated…
like yesterday…:scream::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::boom:


Eating a fresh bowl of blueberries a day…:blueberries::blueberries::blueberries:

Was gonna hedge these two White Niagara grape vines but decided to let the longer canes/leaves give extra shading for high heat protection.
Looks like about 150 clusters….so far…:grapes::sunglasses:

Nice shade tunnel to sit under…:+1:


In the blazing heat were getting now, finished the gate from the patio to the chicken run. 4’ tall 63" wide, dual gate, spring closure with a locking pin on one side.

Wasnt bad at all, quite fun, except having to wake up at the ungodly hour of 11am. That was rough lol. Chickens kind of approve, they would rather go on the patio and destroy I mean eat our plants.

Sunday night I laced up my carbon mountain bike rims up, what a fun learning experience that was! I’ll drop them off at the local bike shop to do the final truing, as I dont have the funds yet for a good wheel truer, and other required tools to fix wheels (saving up as I type for them). Figured it will be a good skill to have shortly, with gas going the way it is. Sorry no pics yet of the wheels, just the gate, and a foot long maize marado corn ear.