Current projects/builds NOT firearms related 🛠

Swarms can be just about anywhere…:honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


Call me the wanna be chicken whisperer. Wannabe 'cause it has not escaped me that I have yet to be gifted my first fresh eggs.

This weekends projects inc’l moving the existing ventilation fans from direct solar to 12v thermostatic operation. Hopefully -dialing in the automatic door light sensor to close AFTER the Spice Girls go in for the night. Installing LEDs on timers to light their coop from dusk 'til 10p - think’n it will help motivate them to enter sooner. Plus egg production is influenced by length of day.

All of this is probably going to require a solar charge controller and possibly more panel. I don’t want to run wire/ conduit to supply AC and I don’t like extension cords for permanent installations.

Besides … I’m learn’n bout solar on an affordable scale. Presently running two tiny panels to drive fans and maintain the battery.


Sounds good. Bigger modules = less connections and more power.
The success of pluggin into the sun grows and grows. :sun_with_face:

I’m almost up to 50 years living off grid. Started on a sailboat in the 70’s when we used to make our own modules from Edmond Scientific cells and Army Eagle cooking plates to mount them on.


Climax Blueberries are coming along nicely…:blueberries::blueberries::blueberries::blueberries:need to do some weeding around the base. :face_with_monocle: :scream:

Vineyard is cranking: :grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes:

Banana plantation right on schedule…:banana::banana::banana:

Added another shallow Super box to the bee hives. :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

Figs doing well…:falafel:

Mountains are happy rains everywhere…:mountain:

Life is Good!!! :+1::sunglasses::wine_glass:


Here’s my 8 ft. planter space with bunny barrier…

Will become a small veggie patch. Have to finish the box which I’m just not feeling now. Been up since 4:30 am and worked 9.5 hours to come home to do this.
Also need to do a 4 ft for a berry patch…


All, im truly happy to see so many people growing their own foods now! Fricken awesome!

Also good news, our bees are back! In the brick wall, this time we are going to save them. I don’t know how were going to do that.

Also good news, got my bicycle swap/upgrades done!
1x12 done, disc install done. Whoot.


Good start.

If it’s 4 x 8’ L…I would recommend a walk board down the middle making it two 4 x 4’s. This will make it easier to tend from the middle.

Have you seen Mel’s book on square foot gardening? Looks like your going that way. I did a few on the outer banks…and here.


You will need a proper suit, smoker and a deep hive brood box for starters. You can also find a local beekeeper or bee supply shop to help.

Here’s some tips:


I put the main lengths in last night but sprinkling out so no pics. It originally was a 4’x4’ box. Took up too much walk space so I’m turning it into a 8’x2’ just by adding some 1x for sides as this side of the property is a bit narrow and need to leave somewhat of a gangway for the little one to run through.

Have another just like this one another one that’s 4’x18”.


Do have the ability to get a pic of the hole/crack they are nesting in? If it’s a good, solid permanent structure, you might be able to build a box to attach to the wall if your not going for honey and just want them there for pollination.


@CatFood Here’s a good way to vacuum bees out …like in a wall.

I’m sure you could make one similar. :sunglasses:


I got a good friend who just finally has bought him some property but its on sauratown mtn and allmost solid granite. So he started talkin about raised beds so he coupd still garden. And i pointed him to the square foot gardening. Seen a really cool idea online using pallets layed on plastic on ground and filled with soil of choice. And most places pallets are free and made of oak alot of times so theres no fear of contamination from treated woods which can be poisonous. The new treated aint as bad as old treated but i still wouldnt want it leaching anything into my garden roots. Cedar of course is best but expensive speacially now days. Another reason the pallets are a good idea and when they finally rot away till them right back into the soil and add new pallets.


Wow, Oak!? 95% of pallets i see are pine. Only ever seen hardwood used under machinery or super heavy tooling.


At the local lumber yard they have two kinds of pallets…free pine ones and not free oak ones that they sell somewhere.

I like the steel tub beds:


Pine pallets would work as well. The places here by me that i have got pallets from they was rough cut oak heavy duty pallets. Some places do sale them but theres quite a few places around me to get them free. The galvanized tubs have worked for alot of people for alot of years. But galvanized poisoning is a thing as well that i would rather not chance. My dad about lost a hand over galvanized poisoning but he shot it with galvanized nail not anything to do with tubs. But there is research online that says certain more acidic veggies can break down the galvanized metal leaching zinc salts and other chemicals used in galvanizing into your food stuffs. Around my food stuffs though i would want to keep everything toxin free and as natural as possible.


All the maybes in that artical is why i wouldnt use galvanized around my food. Its says yes its safe but this and that could happen. If it was 100% safe there would be no need for buts and maybes. This is my opinion only. Im not trying to knock anyone who uses galvanized tubs. Id rather not take any chances with my food stuffs though. :+1:


One could simply spray paint the galvanized tubs.

Another option is the painted steel roofing panels…they’re also primed on the unfinished side and come in many colors.


I don’t know that they are cost-effective but plastic watering troughs would work well and usually have a drain for excess water.


It’s whatever you can get your hands on for reasonable cost/effort…and feel safe enough to eat out of…raided beds = less bending over…IMHO :sunglasses: