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Current projects/builds NOT firearms related 🛠

Just seen this and thought it was cool as hell. It made me think of the cart/hauler @CatFood built.


@HandyDave Yeah I saw that too when I was looking for pics. That is epic!


Heres the NC State wolfpack design holster all finished. Got to top coat tomorrow after the paint and dye is all dryed.


Nice Job!!

20 chhharracttttorsss


Very nice job as always.


Thanks guys i love what i do. My buddy wanted to represent his team but wanted me to put my spin on it and make it original. I was trying to figure out how to give a realistic fur look with the carving and couldnt come up with anything i really liked. So i got rid of the fur all together and used a wolf skull design. Then i distressed and aged the skull part of design to give it an old weathered look.


Ol’ Murphy has been my wingman for the past month. With the truck finally done he decided to help out with project Sayonara Yamaha. Aired up the tires, stuck the charger on the battery and moved some stuff out of the way for its liberation. Later on, I managed to thread the needle and get it out to the street where I could gas it up. So far so good, right? Oh hell no. Turned on the gas and turned the key, no life in the gauges…gave it a few kicks…what’s that smell? Gas. The carburetor was leaking so grabbed a catch bowl, allen wrench and shut off the fuel to drain the bowl. The buyer, a fellow we’ve known for a spell, wasn’t really happy but didn’t back out of the deal. He asked me, nicely, if I’d fix it so I said OK. Ordered a gasket kit for cheap insurance and waited. Kit arrived, tore down the bike. The needle valve/float was stuck so I cleaned that out and re-adjusted it. Put it all back together, put the charger back on it for a spell. Kicked. And kicked. And kicked some more. I had already told the guy to come get it. He showed up and it still wasn’t running, so he kicked, I kicked, we pushed it. Then, in a blinding light of clarity, I remembered that in addition to the key, I had a secret cut off switch. Pushed it, fired up on the very next kick. A bit of mixed emotions as he rode off into the sunset. Later I told the wife if I wanted to do the work, I would have re-instated the insurance, renewed the tag and rode the damn thing. I feel better about spending the proceeds now.


Sound a wee bit like Murphy’s law to me. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Larry :innocent:


2 cases of omicron discovered in ireland

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: