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Current projects/builds NOT firearms related 🛠

@CatFood would you be able to put a bearing or some sort of bushing


@hunter1916 I’m using a heim joint, but the seat post has a bit of an angle so it almost maxes out the range of throw. Just need to bend one side and reweld the top piece and it will be good to go. I’ll get better pics later today.


Just got done with another 1911 shoulder holster rig. It turned out super slick. Hope the brotherhood enjoys.


@HandyDave Awesome shoulder holster you made! I’m impressed!

Today, went out and picked up a ton of meat, chicken breasts, thighs and a 10 pound chub of ground beef. At stater bros for 1 pound of 80% ground beef it’s 9.00! Insane. Costco saved the day, 3.19 pound. But chicken was pricy, but the first time I’ve seen them have it in stock in a few months!

Then after that I de-soldered a nixie tube and replaced it with a NOS CCCP 1973 tube to fix my nixie tube clock. Works like a charm. When it’s finally cools off I’ll start on the burn barrel.


Bada$$ tube clock you got there. Ive wanted one for awhile but i know it would get broke so i haven’t pulled the trigger. They got the cheaper led versions now. That might be route i take so when it gets broke i want be out alot. Ill take some pics tomorrow of my favorite clock that hangs over my desk. Its one i made several years back with a log round and bullet casings.


Cayenne plant is still producing:

Some of the Tabasco peppers are about ready for picking:


@Slowest Damn that is nuts it’s still producing. What’s your weather been like? Ours kicked the bucked over a month ago.


@CatFood Late harvest ain’t out of the ordinary.
Though the Tabasco was late to bloom.

Here in ETN, day temps have been mild as autumn approaches…70s to low 80s, had a cool spell with lows in the 40s a week or so ago.

I’ll let those peppers run as long as they’ve have fruit. Cover them at night when Jack Frost shows up.


Heres pic of clock. I do need to get a better mechanism for it i used a cheap clock kit from wally world and its worked fine but now it just dont keep good time. I reset it about once a week when it gets about 10 minutes off.


@HandyDave …you’ve outdone yourself again, sir!

Exemplary craftsmanship throughout:

Compliments the DTOM grip very well:



Im glad you love it. When i seen your dtom pistol the holster design came to me. I added all the small detail touches that just brings it to life. I wanted it to match that pistol perfectly. Its full of that dtom attitude with the barbwire border and rattle snake with stars. And you asked could i incorporate the 3% so tooled it on the center strap like a badge. Lined the whole thing with a thinner softer smooth leather that will help protect finish of pistol can be wiped down easy and also allows that hog leg to slide out for those fast action shots. Custom dyed everything to just add more attitude to the over all piece.


Heres a fun project i just got done with for a electrician buddy of mine. I wanted to venture out of the gun leather and bags i mostly do. I know the average working man is gonna spend his money on good tools and a good enough tool bag. So i dont know if there is a big market for higher price custom leather tool pouches. But my buddy wanted a small service type pouch just for basic hand tools for the quick fix in and out jobs. Simple 2 pocket pouch with slide holders on sides for screwdrivers leather ring at bottom to hang tape from. And i put heavy duty clip on back for easy on and off. He said do something cool with tooling work so i hand carved and then hand painted a character some of you may know Reddy Kilowatt on the smaller front pouch. It was another fun project.


That is fricken rad! Great job again! That does look like a quick handy little pouch!


Thanks im glad the brotherhood digs it. My buddy does alot of service work for the company he works for changing out couple plugs here or a breaker there and will hit several jobs a day doing those quicker jobs. I did the heavy duty clip instead of belt loops so he can use it easier without having to undo belt back and forth all day from job to job. And the old reddy kilowatt character just popped in my mind so thats what i put on it.


Allright heres one for the low key crowd who dont like to carry loud and proud with all the decoration saying look at my gun. Its an avenger style low profile holster for 1911 wet formed for a good retention hold. And i used a usmc black dye that is a super dark navy blue. Black smooth liner and stitched in black thread. I prefer to do the more exciting gun leather but low key has its place and this was a fun project.