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Current projects/builds not firearms related 🛠

@Arrow . Around our way most police lived intown and when coming in contact with us hooligan’s the first questions were who are you?and who is your father?It was very helpful to me & my 7 siblings that my dad was a legend( WW2) in our area and as a builder hired many local police & fireman as part time workers.Depending on the level of my indiscretion they would let me go and may or may not tell him what I’d done. That decision would determine whether or not I got my ass kicked at home, LOL


Not a single blip on the security system all night.:sunglasses:

Starting tomorrow we’re back in the sunshine with cool nights! :sun_with_face:

Need to weed whack the electric fence line for the third time this summer…:zap::zap::zap::bear:


Yeah, that helps. Back then they knew that letting your parents deal with it was most likely going to get through to you better.
We did not do really bad things, but we might like to go to fast, play loud music, drink beer and basically be kids. We colored outside the lines, but still were on the correct page.


Never chained the rear axle of the police car to a tree in the night and driven by doing burnouts in front of the police station? FUN!!! :scream::sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:

Just remembered…that was Halloween night so it was OK to be disguised…:scream::boom::boom::boom:


Literally finished filling an hour ago.


Nice, stay cool!
My project today, emergency repair of a tailpipe.
I’m waiting to put on a complete aftermarket exhaust, there are a few I’ve been watching (made in the US), a bit pricy but worth it.


Yes, yes I did. 20 characters


Taking a break…:sunglasses:

Got the cork floor planks installed. Fun job…:sunglasses: But not crawling under the claw foot tub to install the flooring…:joy::joy::joy:

Water Proof Glued every joint. Now sealing the perimeter where I left a 1/4-1/2” gap with sika flex self leveling polyurethane sealant …good crack/void/gap filler IMHO. :face_with_monocle:

Granite step top is cut…now I need to round over the top edge with a Diamond router bit…which I have.

The tub feet adjustable mounts are on Kennedy Half Dollars gonna replace them with Silver Eagles.:sunglasses:

A little more trim then it gets 2 coats of oil based floor urethane varnish.

Out of 4 boxes (7 planks to a box) I have two planks left over…just enough to cork out the cement pedestal the toilet sits on. Did that because I intended on adding in floor heat. Found out house is so efficient I don’t need in floor heat. :sunglasses:

Tubs mounted high so the trap is above the floor…all my traps are…no worry of freezing if not under the house.
Tub is 6 x 3’ 120 gallons…double ended.:beers:

When this is finished it’s gonna be wood bead board walls…maybe…:grin:

I hate working in bathrooms!!! :joy::scream::sweat_drops::sunglasses:

1 x 3’


Very nicely done, looks great so far.
So the cork is interlocking and you glued the joints et al, does the tiles come with built in underlay? I presume so. I haven’t used that product before but heard of it.
I was under the impression folks are moving more toward the vinyl tiles in bathroom and kitchen, due to increase risk of moisture. Just saying, you know what your doing there.
Best of luck with the bathroom reno. Been there, do it right the 1st time you won’t regret it.


@Moosecall Company product is from


I got the SEA pattern:

Gluing the joints also made them slip together easier…gave them some lube.

Between the glue joints, polyurethane edge sealing, oil floor varnish it’s gonna be pretty water proof.

I’ve seen plenty of bathrooms and kitchens corked…haven’t heard of any complaints.

Walking on ceramic tiles hurts compared to cork! Lol

I did all the plumbing too…the tub has a safety overflow drain…not worried about a leak so far…:sunglasses:

The cork was ~ $600…with $200 for shipping via UPS…:joy::joy::joy:


I’d save a slab for a nice small breakfast bar or small wet bar. Nice looking and very nice work!


That looks wicked @MountainHunter ! I really dig the pattern the cork has.

As for my projects, just putting up more shade netting, easy ups, and drying off. 100 today, tomorrow 107. Did some reloading after a nice cold shower.


all finished just a little tiding up to do and im sure i have picked the right spot for this hide specaily for the rutting season ,less than 3 months and counting to the shooting season here


Electric wingsuits…anyone? :scream::airplane:

Or flying car? :airplane::oncoming_automobile:


What would that thing weigh? has to be heavy…


Probably pretty light with carbon composite panels.

I’m still waiting for my flying APPLE car…and holding onto my stock! Lol :sunglasses:

APPLE better hurry up so MicroSoft has someone to copy again…:face_with_monocle::rage::boom::boom::boom:

Here’s another flying car


STOP! Please stop. Do not allow any type of flying car to fall into the hands of the US public. People can’t merge nicely or even turn a blinker light on and we are going to let them fly too? No… not a good idea.


The idiots get a computer controlled vehicle only…:sunglasses:

Wonder where the “crash videos” are? :face_with_monocle:


Well, good news, bet you won’t need a RPG to put it on the ground.


@MountainHunter Nice Job’ So The Raised Pedestal is Why? did I Screw up?on My ‘‘Ghetto Terrific Trailer’’ by not doing this when I Repl’d the Wax Seal and floor. :laughing: