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Current projects/builds not firearms related 🛠

Here we can post projects and builds that are not related to firearms. So let’s see them guys/gals.


Ok, ill bite.
Just finished building and devouring my 7yr old’s Bday cake.
He picked his favorite level, as an idea.

My wife is the creative designer, and im in charge of build/excecution.


Made some teeth for my kitty…


Separated the basil growing in my garden window.
Pic from a few weeks ago:

They had grow considerably since the previous photo.
Today after relocation:

Good herb for cooking… smoking, not so much! :joy:

Transferred a baby Jade plant too:


Working on new irrigation system for my vineyard :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:
Adding 3/4” black poly pipe. Removing the old garden hoses.

Found some poly-barb fittings…now where’s me hose clamps?


Nice looking herbs there @Slowest, and the jade plant sweet.

@MountainHunter Free is always good! Looks like you will have a heck of a nice vineyard. We have some table grapes and just planted a new fire grape plant yesterday.


A couple of my tomato plants, about a month old now.


@Festus They look nice and healthy.


Thank you. The main vineyard is a 50/50 split of Regent and Marquette Red wine grapes…about 60+ each. They are cold hardy to below 0* F…that’s the first hoop to jump thru here.
Regents are mid wire trellised…Marquette’s are high wire trellised…much easier to deal with.

3,200’ elevation…just like Mendoza Argentina…:grapes::sunglasses:

Up on the hill I have some Concordes and Niagara’s.

I’m also growing figs and…bananas! Lol…:banana:

The wife has a huge garden in town and is selling heirloom tomato plants fri-sat. We can lots of veggies.

What kind of trellis system are you going to be using?


You’re just gravity fed, right?
Might try T&B cable ties instead…they have a sst insert vs. cheap zip ties.

Haven’t compared prices, but you get a whole lot in a bag and a lot less time installing compared to the hose clamps.


Good thought.

Yep…just gravity. Probably don’t even need the clamps but I have a bunch of them somewhere!

Gonna give it a test this evening…it’s hot and dry down there…:fire:

It’s hose clamped to the ball valve at least. I’m just using a 50 gallon Tractor Supply feed trough (that’s already on site) with a 1-1/4” female outlet bushed down to 1”…then 3/4” at the ball valve outlet.



Recycle Update by the minute! Lol :scream: :sunglasses:

I wanted a table out there too. 1.5” western cedar covers from the hot tub I wore out after ~18 years.

So far she’s holding water and the covers will keep skeeters out…just saw one…:rage:


That’s a hell of a set up then. Thats awesome your wife sells heirloom tomatoes. Yes temp is a serious struggle. We’re zone 9a/b. So finding anything with a low frost requirement is difficult. We have some around 150 freeze hour blue berries, some sunshine blue, Biloxi and jewel southern high brush. Some low freeze fruit trees, peach, nectarine, Apple and cherry.

As for trellis were using hd fence stakes and some electric fence wire strung between them. Up to around 5 feet tall. We already started to train them. We’re getting ready to harvest our onions (red, white and brown), elaphant garlic and regular garlic (brain farting on the type). Just finished the last of the lettuce harvest last night. The peas are coming back.

We had a bad cold snap last week, highest day temp was 58, and lows of 40’s. I know nothing crazy, but we had a hot snap then cold and now over 90’s. Everything bolted. We lost about 80% of our crop :angry::angry::angry: were letting the rest finish going to seed. I did get my corn in, peaches and cream, 2 weeks later (yesterday) I planted double reds. Front yard will get maize marado (deep purple) corn, gets around 12 feet tall.

The herbs are doing very well. And we have 3 peaches on the new root stock peach tree, we are surprised by that. Here is a trellis pic and my corns.

We’re also going to start a water reclamation system as well.

Also nice rocks on top of the water cover!


LOL…Probably traded some extraterrestrial out of them. :alien: :heart: :grapes: :flying_saucer:


You guys just cost me 30 more minutes!!! :joy::joy::joy:
Think I’ll stop for the night…:sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:


Those are some phancy rocks and abalone shell! Well worth the time I do say so myself. Now get yourself a nice adult beverage and enjoy the rocks and scenery.

Got the front calipers rebuilt and now just waiting for the paint to dry to give it a coat of clear and then dry over night and tomorrow a bake session in the over to cure.


Time: NOW :sunglasses:

Looking to the east:

Looking to the west:
(Sending Sunny Sunset your way )…:sun_with_face: :v:


Sure looks purdy there! Catching the sun here, got about another 3 or so hours before it goes down here.

Looking east from my chair, time now.


Here’s my west view:

My old Elm tree is recovering nicely now after a DED infection last year.

Bi-annual injections will [hopefully] keep it going.


Holy moly! Tree injections. I too wouldn’t want to loose that tree either! Looks damn nice out there.