Current *Firearms* Projects/Builds 🔫

Very badass. I especially like the little spiders on top of slide.


I started out with webs instead of the gears but as I kept trying things the gears looked better, kept a few spiders anyway.


That’s pretty. You should start a business doing that. I bet you could hit up local gun shops to sell your services even.


Need to refine my work a little more and get out of this left coast Marxist regime


I bet you’d actually do better in a Marxist give because they’d rather look at their guns than use them…


Been workin on transforming my 7.62x39 ar into 5.56. Was gonna go for a retro-esk bayonet build. Got the few pieces and parts that i didnt have but before the parts got here i decided to change out my lower for an fde lower i had along with a fde minimalist stock. Then i mounted the barrel under my quad rail that its had its whole life as a 7.62x39. And im kinda liking the way its lookin as is. Maybe just have to save my retro-esk parts for another build.

The rifle sported a red dot its whole life as 7.62x39 but im gonna mount a scope to it as a 5.56 to bring little more accurate fun for target shootin.


I put a Vortex Crossfire II on my AR but i gotta say it doesn’t have enough zoom for precision shooting. Works great to 100 but look for a 20x for longer. Or more. I can do ok at 200 with it though.

I also highly recommend getting the PSA precision trigger. Made my groupings WAY tighter. Its advertised at 3.5 lbs but a buddy measured his a 2. Really tight trigger.

Can’t find the trigger online now but look out for it. I’m sure you get the PSA emails like everyone else who’s an American. Bought mine for $100 shipped.

I have this on my .308 but it’s pricey

I wanted a 1,000 yard gun. I spent some cash on it.


Around here the 5.56 is limited to about 600 yds. And that is dependent on which slug you are slinging. Some won’t make it that far before destabilizing. The Marines still qualify out to 500yds with peep sights. This is on paper bullseyes just like us mortals. Yes, optics make seeing the paper easier, but are only part of the equation to long range marksmanship.


The big scope is on my .308. 1,000 is a stretch but possible with it.

Makes 200 easy. Under 100 isn’t any fun at all with it though.

Target is at 200 yards. Right after I got the gun and zero’d it in.

Sig Cross .308.


As I see, you have the skills and tools. If you were to ad a dot sight on a 45 degree offset. Close range shoots would be a breeze. I would mount it forward of the scope as to not cover the ejection port.


That’s what my AR is for. The .308 is a mid to long range bolt action rifle.

Oh I can hit a 2" target at 25 yards with it, sure, but I can’t garantee I’d hit a 1/4" target. That’s what I meant. Its a precision tool. Like my .22.

Heck after swapping my trigger on my AR even that got a whole lot more precise!

Mine on the right. My son’s on the left. Mine was using my AR with the scope I mentioned above. The left is a .22. both at 100 yards. The stragglers in mine were more me screwing around than the gun. That tight single hole is really what I did with it.

To circle back: now that I swapped in the PSA trigger on my AR I’m thinking about going to a higher power scope. I always thought it was the gun that wasn’t precise. Turns out it was a heavy trigger.

Its not in stock right now but watch for it. It goes on sale occasionally for $89 plus shipping. Worth three times that! It’ll work in an AR-10 as well as a -15 too.

Just a thought as you go through with your build. Made the single biggest difference to my shooting. Both in regards to ability and fun factor.

Honestly I can’t wait to see my wife shoot it. She’s one of the best shots I’ve seen with a rifle. When I zero a gun I usually get it within 1 moa myself then hand it to her to get it exactly perfect. She’ll shoot through the same hole over and over and over if there’s no wind.

Gotta say it annoys the crap out of me… But my guns are perfectly sighted until I go and change something.


There are many small things to help get your 5.56 gun to a sub MOA point. Due to the ammunition. A 5.56 should always outshoot a 22lr. I have used a 22 conversion on a unit’s worth of M16. All were well built and accurate with 5.56. And acceptable with match grade 22lr. You May look for loose components or recrown the barrel, true the barrel and upper together. The rattle between the receivers, gas ring issues, variance in ammunition, etc. with the same shooting platform and the same shooter, with everything in working order, you should get MOA with a 5.56 at 100 with a scope, maybe even better. The FAL I had would do that with a fixed 4x and European military ammunition. Even better with hand loads. To a point, my Daewoo DR200 will factory iron sights and 18” light contour barrel will make most holes touch at 100yd.


The AR was a beginner gun. Started as a regular M&P Sport II. Most of it is still stock.

Didn’t realize you were as knowledgeable as you are. You clearly should be the one giving me advice! Lol

Seriously though check out that trigger. Its really, really nice for the cost.

I’m not expert. I just really enjoy shooting. I have a high stress job so going to the range helps keep me centered. Otherwise I just get more and more angry at everything work wise and it starts leaking into my personal life. Its at that point that I take a vacation if I can or at least a day or two off. I can extend those periods by hitting the range and blowing off steam sometimes.

Last time I had a bad day and went to the local indoor range that lets you rapid fire I blew through fourteen 30 round mags in two hours. Thought I melted my barrel but later figured out I just rattled the scope loose.

Oh and that was just the AR did about the same amount of 9mm and a couple hundred .22lr rounds. Probably 50 12ga slugs too.

Expensive range day but talk about therapy… $400 at the range vs a $4,000 vacation… Its good ROI, right?

So, yeah, I’m not usually trying to touch holes. When I go I usually just need to squeeze the trigger, hear the boom, and feel the kick.

That’s not to say I’m not able to shoot accurately. Its just not usually my goal unless I’m with my kids. Then it’s more lead by example (besides I’d never take them when I was doing stress relief. That would accomplish the exact opposite!)


I thought Daewoo made vehicles. Never heard of a Daewoo firearm


Interesting gun. Its like if Kalshishnakof himself defected during the cold war and worked with the US Army to make a rifle.

Or a .223 mag humped an AK while a P90 snuck in and stuck it in the butt.

…ok so maybe that was a bit graphic but it kinda fits perfectly to describe it.


Interesting, considering it was made by the S. Koreans in S. Korea during and after Vietnam as a crossover from the M16A1 which they felt was too expensive.


Its the front half. Just reminded me of the AK platform.

Mind you I have no idea what it looks like inside


The stock is post ban. This allowed it to be imported back during the ban. Overall, I would say it’s more akin to the AR-18 (internally) than anything.


Imported by Kimber of Oregon. Daewoo built cars, ships, tanks, ,shipping containers……


A gas piston like an AK that keys into a shortened bolt carrier. A retractable ejector is built into the lower and fits into a slot in the bolt. The takedown lever is on the top rear of the upper and open like a FAL.