Current *Firearms* Projects/Builds 🔫

Love mine for applying stencils and masking.


It is an LED light and also dimmable if needed. I actually received it as a gift for Father’s Day. It is nice to have a work table just for firearms. Before, my firearm bench doubled as a work bench that sometimes was overrun with other projects.


Just a small project, (re) installing the Beretta 92 series “G” model de-cocker kit on my M9. De-cocker only, does away with the safety. My line of thought is simple, it’s too easy to activate the safety at the worst possible time, clearing a jamb for example. The G model 92 is on the (infringed) list, so I don’t see any legal issues. This also brings the M9 manual of arms along the same lines as my other carry, the CZ75D-PCR (de-cocker only). These parts were removed for the replacements.

Things went smooth due to having spare springs, pins and detents on hand.


That is the way my P95DC works. My son has a CZ52. It is single action with a decocker.

My P95 is my left hand gun. Simple and not much though involved in the manual of arms for a 1911 minded right hand shooter. I am left eye dominant and shoot pistol left eye and rifle right eye.


That’s a mighty purdy I-talian handgun ya got there, hoss. :grinning:


Closest I’ll ever come to one of them there TX BBQ Guns. :cowboy_hat_face:


It’s a nice looking Beretta. :+1: But, you know all Beretta’s are nice looking to me :rofl: :rofl:

If we didn’t live on opposite sides of the country I would be trying to get you to do the opposite to my M9A4 :wink:

We differ on the G model. I have only one in my collection and it’s the new released M9A4. I had hunted so long for a M9A3 with no luck. So I grabbed the first M9A4 I came across that had 18 round capacity. It was a G model. I’m still glad I did. I have not seen another one around here except a few 10 round ones.

Larry :innocent:


It’s not too difficult, if we were closer I’d be happy to do the swap .


I appreciate the thought I know you would. :+1: