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I’m going to watch this one. Looks very interesting.
Really liked everything Jack Ryan.

I’ve looked up movie guns on IMFD in the past.


My Shooting Innovations 18 inch 6.5 Grendel barrel arrived today.

Still trying to decide if I like it. Says it’s CM but the exterior is finished in what they call shot-peened black oxide but the finish tends to easily rub off. It is also a much heavier profile than “lightweight”. I reckon that is what I get for dealing with Ranier. At least it’s rifle length gas system which I prefer. Guess I’ll now be building two 6.5G uppers. Lowers for each is a possibility but that will depend on funds availability.

I do have to give Ranier props on fast delivery. This only took 5 days-via USPS!!!. That muzzle brake from AP took nearly 2 weeks! AP used FedEx. Both are located in WA which is practically the other side of the world from here.


Got the sights for the cz today. 100% improvement over the stock night sights and no glare on the front sight post. Also got the frame 90% assembled and adjusted. Need to find the correct fresh loctite type for the sear screw and upper trigger allen screw.

Man the reach reduction is super nice! The sear break is super crisp and short. DA is still heavier then I expected, but that is ok.

Last bit of parts are in Texas. Says delivery tomorrow. Will FedEx do it? Maybe. Going to use air in a can duster turned upside down to get pure co2 to freeze the bushing, and a heat gun to heat the slide. Hopefully it’ll slide right in and I don’t have to bore the roll pin hole.


@CatFood Mike, let us know how the bushing install turns out. That is the only thing I have not done with my S2. Since I can shoot the middle out of a target with little effort, I have not seen the need to replace the bushing to date. Glad to hear you are happy with the reach reduction.

I converted my S2 to SAO about a year ago using CGW:


@em44052 Will do, the package is out for delivery as I type. I like it mostly because of the higher wear resistance, added benefit of tighter lock up. The old bushing had a piece that was bent up, I never noticed it nor did it hamper the function on the sp01.

We can’t get the shadow 2 or any performance level cz’s here in kommiefornia, so our options are very limited on what we can do. I’d say I have as much $ invested in my sp01 as a stock shadow 2 costs (gun included) :cry:.


.22 LR got very cheap again. $0.09 ppr… I bought a Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 pistol, came with SBA3, for $415 + 15 FFL, $430 total. Going to add red/green dot and 45 flip up irons like I do to all my pistols, and maybe a hogue grip and a 1200 lumens flash light (not sure if I want to fork for a grip & flashlight yet.) Should be a fun pew pew’er…

I wish I had some property I could practice on my own back yard with subsonic…

Will post pics with mods once I get it. Should be in a few weeks.

HMMMMM! :smiling_imp:


All right, I will admit I was nervous installing the barrel bushing on the cz (why couldn’t they mill the roll pin slot 360 degrees?). Thought it over a bit, came up with heating the slide hot and using “canned air” upside down to get liquid co2. Well it worked perfectly, slid in about 1/16" got it aligned the best my eyeball could do, drove it in with 2 whacks from a 16oz ball peen hammer and a block of wood. Quickly I checked the pin alignment, and it was spot on! Lightly tapped the front sight on and drove in the roll pin. Installed perfectly. Toss on a tiny bit of grease and install the barrel. Man it just squeaks in, any tighter it wouldn’t fit. Lock up is 100% solid, damn near zero play with slide locked back.

I’m pretty sure this cz will out shoot me for sure. To bad I don’t have a randsom rest for before and after. But I’m very pleased with the SA break, so so on reset, and very pleased with the LOP on DA. DA pull is short and is stiffer then I imagined, but the sear cage is dry. Waiting on loctite that will be here today.

Don’t have a trigger pull scale so I don’t know what it was before or what it is now, honestly don’t really care that much. It’s not 1-3 pounds (like my tikka) but I’d guess 3.5-4 pounds, much crisper and way less take up then stock. If you are pondering cajunising your cz, here is your push to do it!

Oh also the truglo cz 75 night sights (pn TG231CZ1W) are a 30000% improvement over the stock night sights and fit and finish are much better too. The front white dot is easy to pick up, brightest night sights I have to date. The rear sight is undercut a bit to make one handed manipulation easier, and I like that.

Most modded handgun I have next to the glock. Final sear and trigger adjustment tomorrow.


@edgararroyo Where if you don’t mind? Cheapest I found was $479. Thank you.


I use https://wikiarms.com (or https://gun.deals ← uses same engine) I searched for M&P15-22 8"

I turned off shipping protection.


Thank you :+1: Looks like I may be doing some more business with Fin Feather Fur Outfitters again. Nothing but good service from them in the past.


I added +2 mag extension to my GForce Arms GF3 (not GF3T) now from 4+1 it’s a 6+1
If it was a bit longer barrel I could’ve made it a 7+1 with a +3 (or 8 shot) mag extension.

Had a friend with a CNC cut me a spacer since the Carlson’s Benelli Nova/Super Nova/Beretta 1301 mag spacer’s thread is shorter and wouldn’t hold the barrel.


Nice crowd pleaser. 20+




Cz is all done, loctite is drying, all adjustments made. Whoot.


Pics? :smiley:

I guess I’ll be buying some CCI Standards for my M&P 15-22 pistol… With my muzzle + sound forwarder replacement and shooting subsonic will be very quiet…

People seem to like this 15-22 pistol a lot. I wasn’t mistaken when I said it would be a fun pew pew’er…


That is one gorgeous pistole! Definitely on the want list!


It’s still in pieces though.

DA at rest, and shadow 2 mag release.

SA resting position


Barrel bushing


Outta likes for the day 🫀🫀


Man, that upgrade is tempting. Like the look and I know I’d like the feel, even with my freakish big mitts.


DEguns.com has 'em for $399 also, in case FFFO runs out…