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Also one of my goto shops. Actually just place a order last night from them.

@GOBLIN the strike ambi mag release is damn nice, liking mine a ton!


Been working (procrastinating) on something a little bit different.

Its a Pi 0 based wireless digioptic that streams to a Pi 3 receiver and outputs to a head mounted display. The box you see behind the red dot is the Pi 0 enclosure which includes the pi zero, pi noir camera, 18650 battery, and voltage step up converter / charger. The resolution is actually marginally better than what you see in the second pic there. I was able to optimize a few things to get the display a bit sharper. There is a bit more optimization to be done, but I don’t think I’ll get much past 720p with this hardware.

As SBCs get better so will systems like this. Presently I’m running at around 720p and have the Pi 3’s CPUs about as tapped as I can without inducing latency or stability issues. At some point we will get kits like this up to 4k + and have real solid digital zoom, digital night vision, object recognition, etc. At present I’d consider this about the most rudimentary set up that could be considered viable.

I need to re-design the enclosure, but once that’s done, I get things better optimized, and I get a cleaner build guide drafted I plan to release the guide, stl files, and sd card images so anyone could make one of these. Current B.O.M cost is around $420 which I know is a bit steep for most folks, but I can’t buy similar milspec systems and even if they were available to the GP they are quite cost prohibitive. Nearly half the cost for this build is for the head mounted display alone as they run around $200.

Also to head off a couple question I seem to get a lot.
Q: Why?
A: Because I think its cool, and I wanted something like this.

Q: What is the latency like?
A: Its about on par with cloud gaming services. Its perceptible, but plenty manageable.

Q: Do you plan on integrating this into a tele-operated platform.
A: No, that would likely require me having to hire a lawyer to talk to the ATF, and I don’t feel like going down that road for a range toy platform I’d use maybe once a year.

My son practicing good trigger discipline. Gotta teach them young.

Roughly what you see through the HMD. Note this looks better through the HMD due to it being a smaller screen and now that I have also bumped up the resolution.


How we all doing? First post here, but happy to say that I use mcarbo in all my builds.

Latest work was the “Blue Team” consisting of an AR9 (Grid defense upper on a PSA lower) and pf40v2 G17 clone both in titanium blue.

As a new user can only post a single pic, so here goes…


Other builds this year also included a .300 blackout with Skeletonized lower


The rebirth of dads old 500


Bad Ass just got a little more Bad.
Took the morning off from 1911 stuff to replace the Gearhead Tailhook/ LAW combo with a Deadfoot 2.5 brace on the 7-1/2" 5.56 pistol.
Deadfoot has been in the shop for about a week, couldn’t wait any longer!




Atheris Rifle are the bomb! Mr. Curtis went above and beyond! I highly recommend them!

.50 Beowulf barrel and bolt (top)
.450 Bushmaster complete upper (bottom)

Replaced dust cover with mine. I’m now replacing the handguard on .450 with Field Sport 16.5" one, assembling the .50 on XL upper and Field Sport 16.5" hand guard… :smiley:
Builds are underway!


Very nice. Been looking at DFA stuff for years, just never can pull the trigger.


I was on a wait list, it popped up and I grabbed it without even thinking. Out of stock a couple hrs later. It’s a pretty ingenious system. Down side you have to unscrew the cap (Finger tight) and pull the guts to open the receiver. Trade off for an AR with a 2-1/2" extension. Not sure about the 4" kit, probably with the full length BCG you could crack it open at the receiver but as the guts telescope inside the bolt they would probably try to escape.


you have to pull bits on the DEAD FOOT ARMS MCS and the SYLVAN ARMS folding adapter to pop the cork. done both. like both. like the angle on the sylvan folder better. dont like the fact you have to sometimes shim the bolt for the plug depth depending on the bolt…
sweet setup!


Had to go program 2 keys on a car, back on track. Uppers are done (except muzzle brakes, bay ones were garbage…)

Putting together Lancer L5 AWM mags with Tromix follwers, build lowers with RAPS, Hogue grips and UTG trigger guards next.


Those are looking great. Nice job.



Surprising what boredom does… :rofl:

Will update post with finished lowers and fully functional.



But are you really bored when doing something that you will enjoy soon?


What optics are those?


I’m going to enjoy it but not soon. At least not this summer. :man_shrugging:

Those are Monstrum G2 1-6x24 First Focal Plane (FFP) with Illuminated BDC reticle (red or green) with Monstrum H-Series Offset scope rings.


I love them very much. What’s your buffer setup?
I had to tinker a bit to get the Beowulf mild shooting.
And added a limb saver, still need to tweak it some.
The 450 wasn’t bad at all, just a heavy buffer.


Thank you. I haven’t setup buffer weights yet, they have stock 3oz right now, but I was going to start with 6 oz first and see how the cartridge ejects. I have .450 Hornady Black 250 grain FTX 2200 fps and .50 Underwood XTP 350 grain JHP 1775 fps. What buffer weights did you use on them each? I can use those weights you used to start tuning my weights.


Actually using this setup in the .50 and it really made a difference.
Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring - AR15Discounts

Running an A2 buffer kit in the 450, but don’t remember buffer weight.


Have you tried to use the recoil spring from the .50 on the .450? It says it’s for all 3 big bore calibers…