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Curious what would you pay

how much would you pay for this thing ? It’s a 9mm carbine they’re asking 900


Well, that’s not a carbine. It is a pistol. Without details, I can’t judge the price. If I was looking for a 9mm AR platform shooter, I’d buy Foxtrot Mike from Primary Arms, Optics Planet or Brownells. FM gets you LRHO, glock mag comp and side charging.

I’m building around an FM upper, but running a SB PDW brace. I’m in the $800 neighborhood but this purchase was spread over more than a year. I could have done better on the upper, but I pulled the trigger 'cause I wanted to support Primary Arms for their customer focussed Covid response.


Thanks for the input…

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Spikes has the lrbho in the lower, works really good. See the 2 pins in the second photo, lrbho activator inside.
Running a pistol and a carbine in 40sw. I think QC10 is in the lower also.
If you go 80%lower, or magwell adapter, or other lowers w/o the lrbho you need it in the upper, like the new frontier armory upper. You can build one with a good optic for a little under a grand.

EDIT: The EOTECH will put you over the $1K mark by just a little!