Cp33 rifle finally!

I finally had the chance to fit an ar15 handgaurd to my cp33 with 16 inch barrel made from one kel tec forum members. I wanted the handgaurd to be much stronger then the 3d printed one i tried. This one should hold up to regular use and abuse. Eventually i would like to find someone to make a dedicated more refined fit aluminium handguard. this should work wel for now. It locks in with screws on top front sight hole, side frame screws and bottom screw attachments along with using the mlok screws. Should prove to be super stable and strong. Range test review by the end of the week. I am so happy how it turned out. My 1022 and all those bulky mags will be getting sold. This makes a great companion to my cp33 pistols. Both use same mags. Super nice combo

I could have kept the wieght down but i wanted a rifle that would be strong eveything is metal except for obvious parts. Handgaurd 8.25 oz, ar buffer tube 4 oz, viper mod 1 stock 6.6 oz, MI folding mechanism 8.4 oz, primary arms 1 x24 22lr acss with mount 19 oz. Total weight ends up 5 lbs with scope. This total weight includes 16 inch barrel 1913 stock adaptor “not a vertical forward grip” hand stop and rear charging adaptor. Could it be lighter? Absoultely. I could loose 1 lb by replacing scope with red dot . The rest of the addons i wouldnt want to replace with lighter or plastic parts as i want the rifle to be strong and stable. I think it is as strong or stronger than the cmr 30 at 3.8 lbs no scope. My ar style stock is stronger and more stable cheack weld 4 lbs no scope. I think it will prove itself to be strong and stable platform.


Ok preliminary sighting in. 25 yards about 10 to 15 mile and hour wind. I have pictures of my rickety set up. Folding table uneven ground and tri pod style rest. I was using thunderbolt ammo.

Not bad all things considered. First pics of my setup then best group and finally a group of about 80 to 100 rounds quick fire.

Next i will dial in a 50 yard zero. It shouldnt be but a couple of clicks.

I am happy. Now my 1022 and all my mags are going to get sold. Very satisfied!