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Cp33 magazine loader

Cp33 magazine loader is a piece of junk. May work fine for 22 mag but sucks for 22or. Return policy is a joke. How are you supposed to see if something works if you don’t try it. Will never order from this company again.

@Gunter5684 what seems to be the problem with it? Have you reached out to MCARBO? It sounds like you bought a product, didn’t like it, and are upset they don’t want the used product back. Lots of companies do not offer “try before you buy.” I recently bought an extended magazine release for $50 that I ended up not liking and I’m currently trying to sell. I didn’t run and trash the manufacturer over it and I certainly didn’t try to get them to take it back. I knew when I bought it that I might not like it. That’s the risk you take when you buy something. MCARBO has 1,000’s of well documented positive customer interactions and products they’ve sold. Their customer service is second to none. Your negative complaints against them are the extremely rare exception, not the rule.


I copied, paste & searched

And can’t see why it won’t work for any one


I have that one and it works great.
I did order the MCARBO loader and it does not work.
Perhaps it’s this item the OP is complaining about.

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Ordered mine with bundle kit works Fine! No Bitch* here as Always with the M*CARBO Gang and it’s Fine Products!

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Why Heck it’s so Easy’ A Lefty can Use It! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I called them twice and was told I would would get a call back. I did not get a return call. I am a paraplegic so all I do is shoot and work on guns. I have been a gunsmith for over 40 years. The companies I normally do business with will take a return no questions asked. All I asked for was a return call. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. I will not be doing business with them in th future which is my prerogative.

@Gunter5684 I can’t speculate on why they didn’t call you back. My only function at MCARBO is helping manage this forum specifically. I also fail to understand what you being a paraplegic or a gunsmith for 40 years has to do with trashing MCARBO because they won’t take your used magazine loader back. Which you still haven’t said what the problem is with it…


Well, um … Research maybe? Odds are pretty good there are plenty of reviews available to help make the decision. However, anything you buy online carries a certain amount of risk, due to dishonesty (or bias) of reviewers, and the added cost of return shipping. Someone eats that cost one way or the other, and obviously, huge companies like Amazon and all the big box retailers have enough volume to cover it. In my opinion Mcarbo has lived up to all I’ve researched and expected. Hope you get resolution and solve your loading problems.