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Covid 19 positive

Got my test done and the results back Tuesday the 7th. I only got it because the wife got a positive from a test she had done the 6th (she got the results the 7th). I didn’t know I had it. So far my symptoms are loss of sense of smell, taste and a loss of appetite. Also a headache that comes and goes. For a guy on a diet (which I currently am) it’s actually kind of convenient. Wife on the other hand is pretty sick. She always seems to get a lot sicker than I ever do.

This sickness is weird. I didn’t even realize I had symptoms as they were so mild yet my wife is bedridden. We took every precaution we could think of but obviously that didn’t work. Wife was working from home so I was the only one going out.


Argument “by authority” has no validity as such but it can be worth knowing whether it’s worth investing time or not. My education is in medicinal chemistry and I’ve been a nutritional supplement formulator for 20 years. Go further to see if I’m right but that’s there to see if a moment’s thought is worth it.

A very large number of people are Vitamin D deficient, which makes one immunodeficient among other things. Have you seen that blacks have far higher death rate from Covid? One possible reason is their extremely prevalent Vitamin D deficiency, which subject is why I happen to have this paper handy:

You’ll find in it sound medical advice for what dosing is needed to correct deficiency.

If she hasn’t been either taking about 4000 IU per day or getting plenty of full body sun, she’s likely deficient. How much does this cost to fix? Not much.

If she doesn’t eat a lot of meat she is quite possibly zinc deficient. Easy to fix.

If you have a doctor willing to buck the system which does not want people well as their plandemic needs all the deaths they can get and gin up, HCQ works: https://www.mediterranee-infection.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/azithroquine_manuscript-soumis.pdf

This is a dread disease only from willful rejection of what’s known to treat and largely prevent it.

Obviously, the above study with over 1000 patients means more than a single case. But many times people like a single case. My best friend is an ER doctor and he began suspecting his wife had Covid-19 (this was before such readily available testing, and he did not wish her to be tested.) I gave him the above paper, he gave her HCQ + zinc + azithro, and she was far better the very next day.

Research it: she’s scarcely the only one. It is unfortunately hard to get a doctor to prescribe it because Big Brother doesn’t want people knowing their plandemic need be no danger beyond that of the flu, and even less f or most people. Therefore they claim it not to work or even to kill. And demand you take useless “precautions” while being silent on or attacking the useful. Take the red pill.

Best wishes!!


Hey Fishbread
I am so, so, so sorry to hear your family is caught up in the COVID 19.
I am not giving a like to your post because that would mean I like what I’m reading, and it’s not great news to hear so instead I am giving you some of these. :+1: :+1: :+1: :beer: :ok_hand:
Please stay safe, stay strong, all the best of luck weathering this storm.


I’m thinking this is a good thread to drop my RANT.

Three weeks ago, my father got sick running the streets. Mom was sick within 2 days of caring for him. Both are well insured. But m9m doesn’t video chat so her doctors are simply unavailable to help.

Five days of trying and they finally got tested. They were promised results in 3-5 days if positive or they’d get a letter indicating they are negative for Covid.

Insert vital information: Pops is a 2 time cancer survivor. Mom has beat the cancer once as well. Both are diabetic. Both are black. Reads high risk to me.

5 days pass without “the call” and dad starts feeling better and running the streets again. Yesterday was day 13 without any results and I pressured my mom to chase results. On day 13 after 5.5 hours of phone detectiving she learned that her result still lists as “pending”. The rat b@stards don’t have a result, but the information they were given at the test site has had my pops out every day for the past 8 spreading whatever it is that put him down for 5 days - it could be Covid - nobody knows and this is the end of day 14 without a result.

It’s Quest Diagnostics doing this to Houstonians. I am not surprised we’re a HOT SPOT. We’d force my dad to Quarantine if he had a result. As it adds, the 5 days he was sick waiting for his result are the only 5 days he hasn’t run the streets.

K … so … who else realized the video medicine thing locks older folks out of the healthcare they pay for anyway? I didn’t until my folks took this hit. Both are recovering so at this point I hope they do have the Corona in their rear view so my brother and I can breath easier. I wonder how many more months my brother is going to hold out before forgiving my father. They haven’t spoken for weeks behind this so far. My brother is doing everything according to main stream media advice - I’ve failed in my attempts to turn him red. I did give him an AR when he called for help finding one last week - so he and his wife are now armed.


I am stunned yet again, that story is incredible! What a rant… it’s terrible.
I really, really hope that everything is OK with everyone. Sounds crazy and I agree your parents do sound like high risk candidates.
Wear a Mask
Wash your hands.
Watch your distance.
That’s the winning combination, I’ve heard and read over and over and over again.
Stay safe.


@Dred that’s good looking out right there bud, nice job arming someone who needed it. As for turning him red, good luck. My wife’s father is pretty well off and conservative as hell with his money just not his politics makes no sense to me. Hope your family recovers to %100 health bro. I just got my results yesterday I’m negative. I got tested cause my boss was positive


Thanks everyone for chiming in and sharing about this. :eye: sincerely hope everyone and their families makes it ok.

It’s been a crappy summer, and will most likely stay this way and even get worse…just don’t know what’s coming …that’s the new NORM…:rofl::rofl::rofl::scream:



Ain’t that the truth…prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We can only do so much but life goes on. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone dealing with this.


I did the first two religiously. The third was impossible with my job. I’d be willing to bet the mask was part of the problem. At work we were rationed masks, one every two weeks (seven 12 hour shifts). They got difficult to breath through after a bit.


My 94 yr old granny got the Covid cause our ignorant governor(ment) incentivised and pushed nursing homes to take positive patients, even though the hospitals were under utilized and were actually laying off nurses. They mixed sick people into “gen-pop” inadvertently by way of food prep and nurses bouncing back and forth between wings instead of truely quarantining.
They took all the standard precautions, never were short on gloves or masks either.
She never had any symptoms, and same with the majority of the others that tested positive in her group. There were only 5 deaths out of the 200+ patients there, and thanking God my tough-as-nails WarMachine granny came out on the good side of it !


Hey Fishbread
I hear you, wearing a mask for extended periods must really suck.
@Stircrayzy makes a great point also.


It does! Have to wear a mask all day on job site. The safety cops on site are all over everyone. Hard to get away with not using it properly. Is what it is so I comply. What I have found is I’m not getting enough O2 and to much CO2. Head aches, dizziness while working, not good working up on the iron.
Purchased this to confirm. O2 numbers where low after 3/4 hours into the day. Try to keep nose out when I can.
Portable Oximeter with Lanyard,… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088KTHVV5?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


CO2 with N95 masks far exceeds OSHA limits:

Cloth masks don’t work:

There is very nearly zero risk of contracting symptomatic Covid-19 if contracting it at all when using HCQ as prophylactic. Webpage no longer available, but text I copied to give a summary previously when sending the link was: "Finally, to further confirm this hypothesis, are the data collected in the register of the SIR (Italian rheumatology company). Sir, to assess possible correlations between chronic patients and Covid19, questioned 1,200 rheumatologists across Italy to collect statistics on infections. Out of an audience of 65,000 chronic patients (Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis), who systematically take Plaquenil/hydroxychlorokine, only 20 patients tested positive for the virus. No one died, no one is in intensive care, according to the data collected so far. "

There is also virtually zero danger of use despite nearly non-stop lies however I am posting a lot of links already so will skip backing that one up or now. If anyone wishes, I will post.

With known treatment, cure rate on already sick – not waiting however to be on edge of death – is over 99%:

With or without proper treatment, US overall recovery rate after infection for those under age 70 is 99.96%:

(Obviously, if you break into different demographics within that the percentage will change for each, but that’s the overall.)

What we are being told, and what is omitted, by the media and politicians is not from medicine or from science. It is fear porn to drive an agenda, not honest reporting.

This is not to say that there is no risk to the compromised without proper treament, the risk can be grave. However, a bad flu season e.g. the 2017-2018 season kills 80,000. The 1959 flu season killed 120,000 when the country was one-third its current population.

When herd immunity is allowed to be reached, which is from allowing a respiratory virus to spread among the population having the general health to be able to withstand, respiratory viruses go away. You have a bad flu one year but the next year that particular flu is gone. That is the only way they go away and every epidemiologist knows this. The efforts to stop spread among the vast majority who end up asymptomatic anyway cannot be to protect public health: it can only be an effort to keep the virus going till fall, unless assuming the experts in charge to actually know absolutely nothing.

For a given person in an expert position to know nothing is possible, for them all to actually know nothing, particularly when we can see other things going on that support that they have a purpose, is unlikely.


Also of note is the 68/69 HongKong flu pandemic which killed an estimated 2-4 million worldwide and 100k plus in the US. Numbers look familiar? Did we shut down the world for that? Hell no, we had Woodstock. OWG coming to a planet near you. This was the first test.
My sincerest condolences to all who have suffered with this illness but we’ve been had.


It’s hard to believe that this was not an anomaly in Iran including other countries.

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I’m not equipped to view your video presently. What is the point of it and the evidences presented, if you don’t mind?

I may be being pre-emptive here but there is a tremendous amount of fake news on this subject. For example, our media was screaming about mass graves having to be dug in NYC, but the actuality was it was a city gravesite routinely and continually used for more than 100 years for those who had no one willing or able to pay for their funerals.

More panic and shock from claiming they were having to start using mass graves. It is almost impossible to believe the “journalists” didn’t know they were misrepresenting.

And we have fake news counting all kinds of non-virus-caused deaths as Covid deaths.

I don’t consider Iran a bastion of truth but would be interested in whatever evidence there may be, but cannot view for at least another 8 hours. I will in any case take studies performed in such as France, Italy, and the United States – where not obviously fraudulent, as anti-HCQ studies have been – over reports from Iran though, if there is contradiction.



Media, that’s another discussion on it’s own.

I was trying to make a point mentioning mass graves.

How bad is this virus, I’m going to have a closer look and report back?

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There’s a lot to look at for sure.

Posted before but if needing one quick thing from the CDC to see the fear porn doesn’t match with facts, the weekly death rate from all causes, which prevents number skewing from attributing unrelated heart attacks, strokes, cancer, accidental deaths, etc to Covid-19:


Scroll down quite some ways to see chart.

There was indeed a surge in all-cause death. That surge is gone and has been steadily sharply declining since mid April.

All-cause death in the US is right back to average. No crisis.

(Note that the below-trend values for weeks later than Jun 13 are low due to reporting delay.)

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Hospitals get reimbursed more for Covid-19 deaths. Again as usual just follow the money.


Now that is brotherly love far above and beyond the call of familial relationships…unless of course you left him on his own to find ammo. I’m betting you let go of one full mag. :grinning: