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COVID 19 Main Thread

AMENDEM: COVIS 19 guys use the common sense god gave you,listen to what they are saying about the extra precautions,gear up.and then the ONLY and I can’t emphise this enough and the CDC and WHO said it,(more or less)thing left to do is SIT DOWN SHUT UP AND RIDE IT OUT.-other than those that have loved ones or elderly to take care of…you know what I mean!so don’t twist my words


As the meme says, I don’t want to brag, but this is like the fifth end-of-the-world I’ve survived.


@Lurch Do you know why Christopher Columbus era clothing had lots of ruffles? They didn’t have toilet paper!! Just pull another ruffle off! Lol
The man with the most ruffles was the smartest! :eyes::shushing_face:


How many people inventoried their TP stash?
I did! I’m in good shape. We ordered regular deliveries from amazon a while and had to stop it because we wound up with so much.


And another Tid Bit: Ties were for warfare…as in tourniquets…:eyes::rofl:


This is getting nuts around here. They closed schools for a month, but left the daycares open. Canceled my son’s soccer season, stores are nuts.

All over a cold virus.

I hope they run the nascar race in Dallas in a few weeks. I’m supposed to go with a hot pass and who knows if I’ll get that opportunity again.


Who needs TP?


People are gonna feel pretty stupid when this media-hyped crap finally blows over and they realize they’ve been had big-time. “This is a test of the Emergency Panic Causing System. It is only a test…”


Forget TP, have you gone to a gun store. No 9mm, 38’s, 10mm , 5.56, 223 ammo to be found. .People are lining up to purchase guns. I finally found a gun shop I visit once in a while, had a limited amount of ammo on hand. Walked out with 4 boxes FMJ and an extra box of critical duty. 9mm. All 9mm plus another Glock 33 rd. mag for my Sub2k. That store was packed. I got up at 4am went to Fry’s market and was able to get 3 half gallon milk, No gallon size to be found. 4 Pk. 1 gallon of water. I purchased to have so extra on hand. I can go about a month without going food shopping. My wife always buy super extra groceries. Wanted to go to the movies to see THE HUNT. Will wait for DVD. Stay healthy and stay Calm.


Glad I did the gun show last weekend…:grinning::wine_glass:


A higher percentage of people die from the CV than usual flu.
People with compromised immune systems and elderly.
A lot of people are going crazy but i do not easily dismiss the seriousness of the illness


My sweethearts father is 90 and he delivers meals for 13 elderly people for “meals on wheels”. If he gets this we will be devastated to say the least. So far our county does not have any confirmed cases.
Schools are shut down now.
We’ll see what happens next week in Western North Carolina.
Good luck to everyone and their families here.


I’m not belittling the seriousness of the illness if you get it, especially if you’re in the high-risk group, but the media only tells how many people caught it and how many died, they refuse to tell how many recovered or let them tell their stories, especially since all the ones I’ve seen say “don’t panic” (search on YouTube).

To put it in perspective, the swine flu was a strain of the Spanish flu and had anywhere from 700 million to 1.4 billion who caught it worldwide with 150k to 575k fatalities (stats are hard to collect from countries who don’t want to fess up). Afterward, the Sept 2010 study found it was no more deadly than a normal flu season. The WuFlu hasn’t come anywhere near that amount (yet) and it looks like it’s run its course in China so we may be able to use their experience as a timeline.

IMHO the WuFlu is being intentionally hyped to create panic. I think the biggest problem will be the disruption in the supply chain - China’s about 12 weeks behind in production. Maybe this will convince people it’s not a good idea to have all our needs supplied by a country that hates us.

I don’t want to catch it and I don’t want anyone to catch it from me so I wash my hands at least 10 times a day (I work on computers) compared to about 5 times before. And I’ll leave it at that before I get too political.


On February 10, 2018 , Fortune reported that influenza in the United States was killing up to 4,000 Americans a week, likely to far outstrip the rate of deaths in the 2009–2010 season.

I went in to the grocery store today and noticed ALL of the potatoes were GONE.
Now I wonder how many of those will just rot.
That combined with the fact that potatoes are nor good for the immune system tells me there will most likely be more deaths from ignorance rather than by COVID 19


Just the one Cabelas here in Omaha sold 1 million rounds of ammo in something like 5 days! The ammo manufacturers as of now are empty and prices are going to start going up! Be prepared guys not just on ammo, on everything! I’m not afraid of this virus one bit! What scares me is the panic mongering and half the population if not more believing in it!


Luckily, I already have a stock of ammo on hand for just these situations. 2000 rounds of 9mm, and 1000 of 40. Not too happy about living in the supposed epicenter of Pennsylvania, Montgomery county. Especially being in a “high risk group” (diabetes). But I’m somewhat prepared, as alway, so not really panicking. But a LOT of people were caught unprepared. So I figure I’d better be ready for a panic in case others do. Getting crazy around here.


I’m stocking up on corks and golf balls for my newly to be commissioned black powder mortars! :boom::eyes:


I’m stocking up on toilet plungers so when the idiots’ toilets clog up from all the TP they’re using I’ll have a very VALUABLE commodity.

“I’ll trade you a toilet plunger for that M-60 and 10,000 rounds of .50 you got in the back room.”


Hey ALL…SILVER is under $15/Oz.!
I recommended buying some “uncirculated” 1oz. Silver US Eagles. You will get a 25% ROI or better before lcong and get cash for it.

Find a reputable coin dealer and get to it NOW!:grinning:

If you already have a good cache of bullets…diversify!!! :man_student:

I assure you China is and has been for the past 10+ years!:rage:


Just finished doing round count. 9MM 1,200, 7.62x39 1,500. Shotgun- target loads 25, Slugs 30 rds. 00 buck- 50 rds. Will be hunting for more.