Could A Sub2k Be Done In 10mm?


Chris, now that you have a collaboration with Kel-Tec. Would you ask Kel-Tec if 10mm is an option for the sub2k? I believe 10mm would be sweet in this configuration.


I believe the problem would be the pressure. If not though I don’t see why not as 40 S&W is just 10mm short.
I agree that the S2K in 10mm would be a great idea.


I’ll take 2, please!


I wouldnt mind seeing that but i think they would need to go with steel frame. Heck id love to see one in 45acp too


.45 would be nice a nice option also.


I love the idea of 10 and 45 - I had Mechtechs in both calibers before embracing 9mm. Mechtech are both reliable and blowback action so it can be done.

The grip molds with the plastic collar nut modification were also enlarged a bit to accomodate additional magazine platforms. I don’t know if enough room for 10 and 45 was recovered. But mine is a couple mm short of being able to accomodate even single stack 45ACP magazines.

When I get my M2000, I will have a KT heavy bolt and I will be able to compare that weight to the weight of both of my Mechtech bolts. IMO, creative material selection would certainly make both caliber options possible.

And, with barrel availability, the space could also be advantaged to create a varmint gun without equal. @DivaMarie and I would want the first two off the line in 22TCM.

But, today, we don’t get enough magwell real estate to feed 45, 10 or 22TCM.


@ Dred :+1: Yes we would have placed our Orders YESTERDAY’:joy:
I also am a Addict to the Gun’ 1 Is Okay but 2 is better! I just picked up new Rock Island1911 22 T.C.M./ 9 MM which is using the 38super single stack Magazine, While trying to find cheap ones I see models that will hold 15 etc, Gotta to be away, for us who love the Idea.


45 acp,10 mm, and 22WMR wold make me all goosebumpy outside, in tha sub 200 platfom


Roger that lol. I have a rule for firearms - If I take on a new caliber I have to get at least 2 guns to justify it with commonality of ammo. :wink: :+1:

It looks like I am about to do just that - I think I finally found a nice vintage S&W model 29 .44 mag. and if I get it I want a lever action carbine to go with it like a Henry all blued steel with walnut furniture :heart_eyes:

And yes, please do a 10mm sub!! I already have a G40 10mm to go with it :smiley:


Hmmm … nice rule. I could use it for my seconds in .308, 12g, 45/70, 223/556 and 300 Blackout. Yes, you read right … I only have one 556 (223 Wylde actually) and it’s still unfired.

To the topic, I would love to replace my 10 Mechtech with a 10 Sub2k. Give me grip halves that’ll take the mags and I’d rechamber a 40. Single shot Sub won’t do it for me - gotta autoload.




I have my doubts that the SUB 2K in its current configuration would hold up for very long to top shelf 10mm ammo (Sig, Underwood, and others loaded to the maximum allowable SAMMI Spec at 37,500 PSI), while the .40 S&W comes in at 35,000 psi, with the vast majority of ammo being loaded at lighter loads. Compared tot he .45 ACP which is rated at 21,000 PSI by SAMMI. The .45 would be the easier of the two for Kel Tec to build with out a major revamp. I just don’t see Kel Tec doing it, but hey what do I know, the 10mm is making a nice comeback and a few of the AR players are offering it in Glock/AR platform.


Well I hope they consider it high point has them but I’m not a fan of high point



Look at what @Dred did to his Hi Point 1095ts under “Your Newest Firearm.” Looks pretty cool.


I now have two 10mm Carbines - both run blowback actions. I just put HiPo into service yesterday - IMO, she’s a sexy Hi Point. Maybe sexy enough to change your opinion …

KT “could” certainly build a 10mm Sub 2000. I don’t expect one. Existing magwells won’t accept 10mm or 45ACP mags. But it seems KT positions the Sub guns as pistol companion Carbines. I don’t believe there are 10mm or 45ACP defensive pistols with enough market penetration to justify the design efforts.