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Cooper model 21 204

I have a chance to buy a Cooper mod 21 in the Ruger 204 caliber.
Anyone have any experience with Cooper rifles or the 204 caliber?


solid rifles excellent accuracy, can hold its on with match grade customs. form and function. if i remember right, its the M21 varmiter model…flatter than a 223 on distance.


@GOBLIN I just talked to him earlier, and he sold it today, but that’s ok. Saved me some money. LOL

It was had for a good price. The only drawback for me was the light caliber. Not being suitable for deer or larger game makes it impractical for me as a hunting rifle vs other calibers vs investment. Would be a nice addition, if the cost for a rarely used gun, wasn’t a concern.

His was the Phoenix. Phoenix – Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc.