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Cool Places, Sites, Popular Activites From Your Local area

I have several unique, beautiful, and famous sites all witin 5 miles of my house that are interesting for various reasons. What kind of cool and interesting things are in your backyard?

The Perrine Bridge across the Snake River, 4 miles downstream from my house, is a destination for base jumpers from around the world. As far as I know it is the only bridge in the U.S. that you can jump from year round without a permit.
This vid has some good views. There is a few shots from elsewhere but you will see the ones that are not here.
As a side note, down in the bottom is also one of the short range weapon areas I hunt deer in from boat and hiking between the water and canyon walls.


2 1/2 miles downstream (west) from my house is where Evil Knievel made his 1974 jump attempt.
The first vid has a great view of where I live. Some points for orientation and perspective.
The bridge seen in this is not the original bridge built in 1927.
Twin Falls and the launch ramp are on the south side.
The ramp is 1 1/2 miles upstream (east) of the Perrine bridge.
Shoshone Falls is seen when looking upstream. (not much water going over in this) I live about a mile SE of the falls.


While not real close, Oregon has Multnomah Falls and the Columbia gorge scenic highway, Mt. Hood/Timberline Lodge (outdoor scenes from The Shining w/Jack Nicholson were filmed there), Silver Falls State Park, Crater Lake and the Oregon Caves. Just to name a few…


@Partsed Yes, that is a nice drive through there. I drove through there several times on the way to Portland to pick up new forklifts with my dad.
My dad used to sturgeon fish at McNary Dam and area also.
I stayed at a nice little hotel in Clackamas when I was there for a forklift driving competition. My room was on the third floor with a big picture window facing Mt Hood. It was Beee…youooooteefullll. LOL



Well if you’ve never been to Reno, Nevada before you should come. Biggest little city in the world! Cool town in and of itself - I love Reno! - and so close to one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, Lake Tahoe. I’m fortunate to be able to work up there. Part of my job is to work with various outfitters, tour guides and visitor activities our resort guests have discount access to. In winter, that’s ski/snowboard rentals, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. Today I took my wife on a complimentary snowmobile excursion to 8000’ overlooking Lake Tahoe. Unbelievably amazing!!

Any Brother looking to come to the area - oh and don’t even get me going about Virginia City! - send me a PM👍


Not much in the line of big city lights and night life around here. Skiing of every sort is the popular activity this time of year. This is the sort known as “backcountry” :sunglasses: :+1:

Starting out at just under 5000’ elevation…


climbing skins really are an amazing device :+1:



That’s Cutthroat lake way down there. It is about a 3 mile hike from the road. My first trip in there was the early 70’s with my parents…




The top - Cutthroat pass el. 6,800’

A few hours of climbing for a few minutes of turns lol


@Boomchucker Years ago when I worked at our local nordic ski resort they were managed by a parent company - Village Resorts, and one our perks was free accommodations at our sister property’s and I think North Star was one of them but never made it to Reno. Stayed at Park City, Sedona and Maui. :smiley: :+1: Couldn’t imagine being able to actually live in Tahoe… I used to do a lot of crazy, insane, near death snowmobiling - owned a few of them. I totaled my last one when it bucked me off at nearly the top of an 8,400’ peak and then I watched it scream down the slope and finally disappear in the trees about a mile below me…


@jeffing65 lovely country side jeff you could be be doing bed and breakfast for me sometime i enjoyed the videos ,and would love to visit sometime if i ever got the chance


@TriggerHappy amazing photos mate I’ve never seen snow its on my bucket list it looks like an awesome place


amazing place thats all i can say :astonished:



Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.