Conflict Avoidance for the Defensive Shooter

Some things to consider.




Excellent words of wisdom. Your video has so much good information in it . It should be mandatory in training for individuals seeking a state permit or required even in states with no permit required. IMO.

It’s all about training

I’m not a perfect judge of individuals but I didn’t just fall of the turnip truck on my head either :grinning: I have seen so many individuals in recent years open carry that I really don’t think in my heart they have a clue about blood and guts. Or what the hell damage that weapon can do to a human.
If I pepper sprayed them more then half of them would go into shock probably requiring an ambulance. :rofl:

I hope that I’m wrong and this current carry freedom doesn’t get taken away because of macho attitudes males and females. All it will take is a few stupid decisions and the anti gun group will be all over it.

In some of your closing remarks I have a small issue with the safe room scenario.
I understand one could make numerous efforts (Time Permitting) to avoid killing another human. Examples might be gas, tasers, alarms ect.
Some can’t afford all the extra fluff for protection from home invasions. And They shouldn’t be required to.IMO

My thoughts are if the bad guy is that arrogant to forcefully encroach on me and my family inside my home. Pretty sure there would be only one short story if I’m given the opportunity. :wink:

Larry :innocent:
Semper Fi.
PS Appreciate your great videos.


I say the same thing. Often. Some of the jackassery on YouTube is like fuel for the anti-gun lobby.


@hrfunk Absolutely great video.


100% agree. What’s going on reminds of the wild west shoot outs from the older westerns.