Concerned with my Sub 2000 folding WAY too hard

I got the M-Series 2000 and have a VERY hard time folding it back to storage configuration, Opening is fine, and it locks solidly in place. However getting it to fold back is another matter altogether. I have to place the butt between my feet for leverage and use considerable force to fold it. This cannot be right so I’m looking for advice on the matter. Thanks!


You are correct. Something isn’t right.

The trigger guard should basically let you fold it as easily as the lock on a good buck knife. I do want to confirm that you are releasing the lock to initiate the fold.

I ask because picturing the buttstock between your feet with one hand on the trigger guard puts the muzzle in your gut. I don’t figure that as a safe direction.

Good luck and give’m a ringy dingy tomorrow.


Yes, I’m using my left hand to hold the trigger guard open and away, the rifle butt is wedged between my feet, knees clamp onto the carbine body and my right hand is using considerable force to get the rife to fold. If enough force is applied, it may fold, it just takes a lot of push to get it it moving. This has been such an issue since I first received the 2000 that I have been extremely uncomfortable about taking it to the range, have not put a single round into or through it yet. I’ll call you Tues


After installing my aluminum trigger guard on my stock sub2000, it was a little stiffer to collapse but not as much as your describing.

Also, for upgraded M-Carbo sight, you may need to loosen the bolts a hair perhaps, but like @Dred said definitely ring M-Carbo if you are at all uncomfortable with some independent troubleshooting.


Going to check mine. Gor Special addion recently. I found mine a little tight but works. Did notice a nit line inthe moldes parts where locks/unlocks. Was going to polish it is all. Keep this post going ,I also have my 1st s2k being modified as of now(7 + weeks so far)


Sounds like the bolt in the hinge is too tight.