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Concept For Extra Mag Carry On S2k

Hey, all you smart people, has anyone out there thought about adding a extra mag carry option to the attachment bolts that the new MCArBO buttpad provides with installation? This could be a soft or hard material and provide points for left or right sided solution with lefty’s in mind. Like the idea of using a S&W mag loader for glock mag from earlier bother"s post. please expand and post, or experiment with this idea. Early stage right now.


Here’s something posted in another brotherhood topic thread that might work with the new MCARBO Buttpad attachment points ( drilled holes with nuts and screws) that wasn’t available at the time… Two longer screws to secure Mag holder after removing the other…might just work both done cheap with modification of a

  1. Glock GLKMP17076 Mag Pouch 9Mm/40/357 Cal $10.

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