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Concealed Carry of a S2k

I have looked at the “How do you Carry your sub2k” thread and found very little in the way of concealed carry. Lots of cases with foam pick-n-pull that is great for transport. However, for those of you/us that are lawfully allowed to CC a rifle on/about your person, how are you doing it? I’m looking at the Vertx Transit 2.0 as pictured below.


@cf1k1 Check this thread:

And specifically this post:


Perfect ! It doesn’t scream GUN & it doesn’t resemble tactical ( might be gun ) to me or camo. But this is only my opinion & mine alone. Always hide in plain sight . I’ve taken mine on several road trips & it sat beside me on a chair eating breakfast. Some people would have wet their pants if they knew what was in my backpack. I used wal mart Tent Water Proofing (bright orange can ) in the sporting goods section. Works great but do it outside the carrier stinks but smell goes away when dry.


You have the transit and like it?

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Yes, I have that one.