Completed Multiple Upgrades

Well, it took a few days but I finally completed upgrades … basically every one offered. First off, the videos were great. They were very thorough. Thank god for pause and rewind. Every key detail was covered. Btw, I have the Sub 2000 9 mm Multi-Mag set for S&W M&P.

It did take me two tries to get the “All In One Pro Performance Trigger Job Bundle”
right. Upon completion the first time, everything seemed good until I went to the range. I popped in a mag, chambered a round, but pulling the trigger did nothing. It had very little resistance. Of course, I checked the safety etc., but nothing. I then pulled the mag and removed the round from the chamber. I cycled the gun several times, and each time, the trigger performed as expected. I then put the mag back in, and chambered a round. I pulled the trigger and the gun fired. Yeah! However, on the third or fourth pull of the trigger, it again wasn’t working again, and the trigger didn’t feel right. I messed around a bit more then gave up.

The next day, I pulled out all the guts and put it all back together. Again, everything seemed fine. I went to the range on Christmas Eve Day (thank god for Texas). I wasn’t really expecting it to go well, and was already mentally packing the gun up to send to M-CARBO. The gun fired the first round, and then four more. I changed to a high capacity mag and put 20 more through it. Yeah! I am no gun pro, but I would guess something with the trigger spring wasn’t right the first time??

The most difficult upgrade for me (58 years old, and just starting to notice arthritis in the fingers) was installation of the Integrated Tool-Less Locking Pin. I did not have the Gunsmith Bench Block, but I am not sure it would have helped much. I managed to compress the recoil spring enough and lock it in compression with a 4 in long Allen wrench. The length was important so that about 2 inches were sticking out each side of the spring. At this point I found it almost impossible to hold the spring in place while I compressed the “top” end of the spring to access the spring lug. I eventually built a jig to hold the bottom half of the spring. I took a 4 ft long 4x4, laid it on its side and drilled a hole trough the center about 2 inches from each end. The hole was just big enough to fit the spring into. The spring then rest in the hole, with the Allen wrench keeping it from dropping in any more. I could then use one or both hands to compress the top half of the spring while using both elbows to hold the 4x4 in place. If I had a vise, I could have gone with a shorter 4x4. Removing the spring lug as a bit of a pain. Installing the locking pin was worse and took multiple tries to get. Patience needed.

Well, that’s it for now. Next project: maybe S&W M&P trigger job.

Doug Thompson


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Welcome to the Brotherhood Doug.

Nice work on the upgrades.

It’s great to hear from our members about their experience during the installation of these upgrades, their innovations and solutions to accomplish some of the harder aspects without a fully equipped gunsmith bench and see their success and satisfaction at the end.

Nicely done. :+1:


@Doug_T the 2x4 trick is what im gonna use next time i do it. I struggled with 2 hands on an allen when the pin 1st came out.