Compensator Question


Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! You’re my only hope!

I have a Glock 19, v3.0. I bought an aftermarket threaded barrel for it in 1/2-28 thread. Then I bought one of those bullnose comps from Lone Wolf. When I took it to the range at the damn thing jammed at every single shot. Went thru two mags and said f**k it. FTF and FTE.

I emailed Lone Wolf about it and they said they recommend at least 150 rounds of +P ammo - or even +P+ ammo - thru it to break it in. I’m not using crap ammo thru it, like that steel-case Monarch $h!t from Acadummy. I’m using Winchester white-box. I reckon Lone Wolf wants me to compensate for their $h!tty comp?

What say y’all?

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While I have it apart tonight, I’m finally going to get around to installing some Tittium Sights from Tru-Glo on it. I got a sight pusher for the rear and I have the Glock tool for the front sight.

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@A-Argh15 Maybe start trying different guide rod springs? Lone Wolf wants you to use a higher pressure +P 9mm round probably to get that slide to go back more so maybe a softer recoil spring with regular 9mm rounds? I’m just thinking out loud here. I have tried many Lone Wolf barrels along with their comp. and many other comps. as well using white box .40S&W Winchester 165 gr. FMJ flat nose without every having one malfunction/issue. Check out Strike Industries website, 11, 13 & 15 lb. reduced power guide rod springs for about $8 each.


winchester whitebox is good ammo?


S3F Solutions recommended me using +p rounds through my barrel after having problems using the cheapo white box… Try switching ammo

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I like Strike Industries. They make some good stuff. I’ll have to check out their site again. Thanks for the recco about the springs.

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In regards to my Glock 19’s problems, sure enough it was the Comp causing all the FTF’s and FTE’s. It wasn’t the new threaded barrel. I was at the MCTA range yesterday and had one of the pistol ranges all to myself. I put about 200 rounds through the Glock 19 - half the ammo was Winchester white box and not one single FTF or FTE. The other hundred rounds were “range-grade” reloads from FedArms - I had two FTF - click and no bang. That problem will likely go away if I ever get off my lazy a$$ and finally get around to CLEANING my guns. :crazy_face:


You changed mulitiple things so it is hard to tell right off what the primary issues is. Go back and try the pistol with the barrel and no compensator, does it still jam?

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