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Compatibility, M*CARBO and Red Lion

Has anyone paired the M*CARBO rear peep sight with the redlionprecision folding front sight?
I’ve put the two together and even with the front sight turned all the way down I’m still shooting low at 50’.

Ran out of time to try it at 75’ (max range at my available range) but figured even at 50’ I should be able to center them in the target. The grouping is good, just low.


have the Mcarbo peep /red lion front Non-folding on my Gen 1, didnt have a issue on level with the Mcarbo nor the factory rear sight.( got my Red lion Before they made the folder) but it seems there was a issue a few people had with the Gen 2 sight. as its the same adj as a AR15 front sight post, I think some filed the post down slightly and some changed to the Blitzkrieg front sight post.
www.blitzkriegcomponents.com under the AR sight section.( im waiting for them to get the tritium post back in at$44)
today, if you can measure from the top of the post to the flat of the base, on the pin, I will do the same on my RLP
did you start out at mechanical zero and try to work your way up?


height at the top of my red lion pin front sight, to the top of the flat on the collar,.2660


Shall I measure it where it is or put it at mechanical zero first and then measure?

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doesn’t matter we are just measuring height of pin first


I wouldn’t zero at 50 ft… go for a little further out. They make targets called EZ2C so you can “see” it

It appears that mine is 0.266 as well.

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OK, from the 2 Ears sticking up on the sight, and IF you have Access to a depth mike
give me a distance from the top of the ears down to the top of the pin. if you dont have a depth mike i can explain how to measure the other way

I don’t have a depth mic. When we’re measuring the relationship between the top of the pin and the ears I assume now we’re talking about mechanical zero first, correct?

To measure the height of the pin to the base I removed the pin and measured it that way to ensure I had a dependable stop at the tip of the pin. I then reinstalled the pin setting it to what I think is mechanical zero.

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sorta, trying to get your range(total of length)
ok , easier way I cant remember when it was on the red lions, but i do remember there was a issue with some on thread depth they would not turn down far enough where the pin screws into the sight body
, with the sight lock detent at 12 oclock, what is the depth then the flat on the sight body to the top of the flat on the sight pin base. mine is at .0829 i will get a pic tomorrow if that will help.

I’m not clear on what you’re telling me. Can you get the pic you offered to help me understand?


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I will get the pic in a bit, just got home from work.

Measure from these points with a vernier…

point A to point B and
point C to point D

like this with back side of a vernier

I have the red lion front sight and the mcarbo rear peep sight. I have replaced the front post with a blitzkrieg front post and my sights are right on from the first shots at 25 yards. As they say your mileage may vary - seems like from sub2000 to sub2000 it will be a little drifferent cause I have another sub2000 and had to turn the front sight a few turns more than the first to zero in at the same 25 yards.