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Companies That Stand Behind Their Products?

What companies have you dealt with that stand behind their products and offer the best warrantee service?

For me it has been Walther U.S.A. and Dillon reloading products.


In the spring of 2016, my wife bought a Walther PPQ. I was so impressed with it I went and got one for myself.

Both pistols had a very high round count through them as we used 'em as our primaries for competition.

In the fall when we preparing for night shoots I noticed that whenever I would swap a light/laser between the guns her pistol was always significantly off on the laser.

Turned out the was a slight warp in her lower frame, similar to the “hog nosing” found on Glocks. In no way impacted the performance and accuracy of the weapon just an inconvenience in switching lasers.

i emailed Walther and in less than two weeks had a brand new pistol with a $200 discount for my next purchase!

Now thats customer service!


Mcarbo, Amazon, vortex, DeWalt have all honored no questions asked returns or replacements. Stellar customer service


@Matt why did I not mention MCARBO? (face palm!)


I am in a story telling mood today…lol

Back when I was a young man fresh out of the marines and scraping by to make ends meet I bought a dillon square deal press at a yard sale upon the advice of a friend.

It was rough, very abused, looked like it had been dragged down the road at one point, I paid $25 for it.

Since I lived in AZ I simply drove to dillon with the mangled press. No appointment just walked in with it. I was met by a young man who took it to see what they needed to repair, while I was waiting I chatted with the older gentleman about the airplane photos they had on the wall.

Turned out the “older guy” was mike dillon! Not only did I leave with a brand new square deal b, but I got a tour of the facility and a trip to the airport to look at his restored warbirds.

best $25 I have ever spent in my life!


I’m your basic eBay kinda guy. 1000+ transactions and not a hiccup that wasn’t solved. And hardly ever a hiccup! After 15 years, this is predominantly how I shop, even the USPS has gone up in my esteem.

For guns, it’s MCARBO, ETS, Glockstore, Lone Wolf Distributors, Optics Planet, Target Sports USA. Never had issues with any of’em; all had palpably fast customer service and shipping. Helped by the good ‘ol post office, always seem to gets my stuff in 2-3 days. Hate when shipping is UPS or FedEx. See ya gotdang next month!:angry:



I second both of those companies, done lots of business with them and always satisfied!


Palmetto State Armory - Classic Fire Arms - Elite Tactical Systems Group - Freedom Munitions



I second that one, used to be my main bulk supplier until Target Sports USA beat them on shipping fees. Never a problem with them though, and fast shipping times. They always seem to have ammo at reasonable prices when everyone is out or price gouging.


I’ve had all my problems resolved from eBay, but I have made a couple of purchases that were not as described or defective, I purchased see studio monitor speakers (krk) used and the damn things were blown, eBay got me my money back but it was a painful process, I try not to buy things like that on eBay anymore…


As far as firearms go, I’ve had good interactions with s&w, mcarbo, keltec, and Ruger. I may need to contact Savage soon about my 64f, the barrel lock bolt is about to strip out, we’ll see how that goes…


I got my M-Audio B8 Studio Monitors from the eBay store, Pro Audio Star. Once I get to know the store, I’ll buy from them direct. Just picked up a Korg Prologue from them


That’s a very nice set up there, I recently moved and need to move again in the next couple of months so all my equipment is still packed up, hopefully once I get situated at my new place, I can set my equipment up again…


that is outstanding!!.


I have lost any respect i may have had for Bushnell. My elk hunting partner bought a little night vision monocular from them about 4 years ago. It was a total piece of junk. I believe it was an assembly flaw myself.
He is not a computer person for one and a let it go and move on type. I myself am not, so I tried to contact Bushnell in search of more info or a remedy to the problem.
I sent three emails to them on the subject and never received a single reply of any kind.
I finally sent a very pointed, fourth email to them, stating my opinion on the apparent lack of concern regarding their products and customers. No reply to any of them.
No way to install confidence in a company in my opinion.


I gotta give kudos to Optic’s Planet. When I bought my Holosun - I sent it back because I wasn’t prepared for the goofy lens angle. While it was there, I learned that the goofy angle is a design artifact. But, Optic’s Planet paid to swap it out for me while I waited. Then to prove they are upstanding and patient - they never sent me any discount codes for their competitors. I was a POOR customer in that transaction - one of them thinks he’s right but Oh So Wrong type customers.

Kel Tec turned my Sub 2000 around in less than a month when my barrel was recalled. I was VERY IMPRESSED.

M*Carbo is better than plain good. Unprecedented access and the responsiveness of the leadership is amazing. I actually look for opportunities to send them more business. I probably lov’m 'cause they support my triggery snobbery on the cheap.

Dan Wesson turned my Vbob around in less than 10 days when I sent the rear sight flying downrange.

Garret Industries had replacement Kydex on the way the same day I let them know that an ear on the belt loop attachment had broken off of one of my holsters.


This is what really sets a company apart, in a sea of manufacturers and products competing for your purchase, and hopefully your loyalty.
I’m one of those people who will pay a little more, wait a little longer, put up with minor inconveniences, etc from a company that is Top Shelf in all that they do. Both in their products and customer service.
The value is incalculable in that regard. The customer loyalty and support attests to the quality of any company like that. (and if any further proof were needed, just look at this forum)


PSA, Keltec and believe it or not Browning, on a 30 year old shotgun. Knives, Spartan knives, benchmade , Extrema Ratio (Italy) and Wander Tactical.
best knife shop? Xtreme Knives www.xtremeknives.com as for Nancy. she goes above and beyond.

Im waiting on this blade to hit the states now from ER, the Contractor. 4.84" blade, 11.2"overall and 3mm thick . last time i wanted something this much was when i was in high school(back when dinosaurs walked the earth)DW_BF4_CONTRACTOR_650_5_5 EXTREMA%20RATIO_BF4_CONTRACTOR_650_8

offered serrated and non serrated double flipper/guard


@GOBLIN That is one great looking knife. Alas I will not be able to get one, it looks like a dagger or dirk and they are illegal out here in Oregon. Thanks for making me drool though :drooling_face:


optics for me bought my diamondback vortex bino,s there and made it to ireland without a scratch except i had to pay an extra 62 euro [about75 dollars to irish costoms:face_vomiting:]