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Compact Multi Mag?

Curious if anyone knows if KelTec has any plans to make a compact version of the multi mag, similar to the Glock 19 version. I carry a S&W M&P 2.0 compact and have a S&W Multi Mag Sub2k. I cut and sanded my grip so that it takes my 15 round compact magazines, but now the grip looks “unfinished.” It would definitely be something I would buy if KelTec every made one.


I’d be surprised. Glock is more standardized, multimag is inherently more varied.

Your solution works, though alternatively I’d have just invested on the full 17 round mags as those run fine in the compact


I have a couple 17 rounders, but my MP Compact came with two compact mags and I bought three more. Then at a gun show got another 10 factory mags for $200, so I wanted my Sub2k to run all the mags I had.
I know it prolly doesnt make sense for KT to make since beretta, sig, and mp compacts are slightly different, but I’ve been looking at a couple different grip covers, so it may not end up showing much at all.