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Colt Python Re Released

I read an article today in American Rifleman that Colt is releasing a new Colt Python. 357 magnum revolver. Between this and the new King Cobra line, welcome back my friends!


Bringing guns back that never should have been discontinued in the first place. “bittersweet Symphony”.


Agreed 1000 percent @Rob2. I mean, I’m glad that Colt brought them back. But why the hell discontinue it in the first place. The King Cobra, tho I’m a big fan, if the sales aren’t there, OK. But a legacy gun like the Python? Even if you have to make them special order, do it. But keep the option.

But enough said on that. The new Pythons are internally different, so is it really a Python? Python gen 2 …I guess.


Arguably one of the best looking guns ever produced.
Had one many years ago and like a idiot I sold it because the trigger wasn’t as good as a S&W revolver. I used to do a lot of pistol matches back in the day.
The few reviews I’ve read on the new Python is that the trigger is great.
Probable due to the new inner workings.
Colt is the only gun company left in my state. The libs have driven all the rest out.
Very sad.

I may have to add a new gun to my safe.


@trapper1927, Hey, speaking of idiots, I sold a 6 inch Stainless King Cobra for money for a table saw and drill press for a project. I wasn’t into shooting at the time so I figured what the hell. Now…What the hell?! Did I do…

Those guns sell for over a grand now used. And mine was in exquisite condition, barely used. So, yea, if I only had a brain…and time machine.

And I really liked that gun.


Well I guess I’m in good company.
The new Python retails for $1495.
Looks like I gonna have to break into my piggy bank.


I own an '86 Python and love it though it doesn’t get shot much. It was bequeathed to me by a very dear friend about 30 years older than myself that passed away a number of years ago. He and I used to shoot lots together…after he passed, his widow called me a few months later and told me that he left it to me in his will. I was shocked to say the least. When I pass on, it will go to my oldest son.