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Color Case Hardening


K … so … I know that I usually admire the look that results from the form of hardening. And, my next step will be a consult with a local Smith that advertises the service. I’ve got a couple 20,000 foot questions that I hope will help me make a decision.

I just bought a Browning SA-22. I posted a picture of its good side in Newest Firearm. Not pictured there is the damaged bluing on the other side of the receiver.

First question: Is case coloring period correct for a 1965 Browning? This rifle has 2 years on me, so I dunno.

Second question:. Any clue how the engraved scrollwork on both sides of the receiver will respond to the process? I’m guessing it will either enhance the coloring or poop the whole project. I don’t recall seeing any work that is engraved and case colored.

Background: she’s a shooter and she’s staying that way. She’s just got that something extra that compels me to treat her like a lady. She is getting fit for a violin case I’ve been sitting on for a couple years now and she will be shooting partner to my 22lr 1911 (need to get busy building out the frame for my conversion slide; frame will need case color’d to match).

Side note: I left her laying next to her sister, the BL 22, and they hatched up a plan to bring another sister into the family. Yep, we’re hunting a T bolt.


Ive seen em Blued, Ive seen em silverside with shading for the engraving work, and ive seen em with gold inlay. never seen one with a “Cyanide” or heat treat finish centennial varients had the gold leaf inlay and gold plate trigger. i always like the gold triggers on browning, my A5 had one .
personally, I would give it a nice matte blue, 1 Hides most defects, 2. highlights engraving.
if you want to get a good color case hardening finish they one guy i know that does it impeccable.

look at this guys stuff. perfection is achieved. but your going to wait and its going to hurt.if who is doing it does it right, it will not affect engraving.