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Cold In Chicago!


-54deg wind chill and record low. This is the switch for an exterior wall. And the handle for the patio door.


I am in the far north burbs of Illinois and we were at -23 degree F, just keeping the Furnace at 69 , open up the cabinets under sinks near an outside wall and water tricking slow in the faucets.

Thing is, after this record cold freeze, and after the expected snowfall in the next day or so - we are then warming up to 40s and rain this weekend so here comes some flooding and potholes.

I will never complain, I cannot imagine what the homeless are going through in this.


We’ll have chip our way out and go plinking sometime.


@Gatekeeper I guess I won’t Bit** about 0 and minus 5 this weekend in SE AK’ :astonished:


I lived in the Chicagoland area from 1994 to 2003. During that time, we had 2 winters (at least), that with wind chill got down to -70 F. I don’t recall what it was without the wind, but it was so cold that car door locks froze, among other things.

In fact, I was living in an apartment complex during the first super cold winter. We had parking for our cars, but it was about 50 yards away from the building door. I used to make a game of it to see if I could get into my car and get the heat working before I was frozen to the bone (despite being heavily clothed). Very often, I did not make it and was shivering incessantly by the time I could get the heat going.

So, I feel your pain! Good luck!


keep the heating full on and ride it out you be mad to go outside the door if you can open it @Gatekeeper


I’m here in NWI… freezing at work


This morning was a cozy 58 Degrees below freezing. (a.k.a. -26) Actual temp not wind chill.


Well, being originally from Detroit, I had heard Chicago was founded by a bunch of New Yorkers who didn’t think it was cold enough.

I think they found the right place😂


Im northwest indiana as well. I used a vacation day yesterday and today as well. Looks like a 56° forecast for the coming Monday. Gonna feel 110° warmer than yesterday mornings wind chill rating. Will be time to bust out the shorts if that forecast holds true


We received and Emergency Alert in Grand Rapids last night to lower our thermostats to 65 degrees due to a low pressure situation at the natural gas pumping stations leading to a fire.


Firing up the grill today😀


The weather never stops me from grilling. Past Wednesday was -18 and i did burgers on the grill. Today I’m smoking a pork butt :sunglasses:


Yup I’m a year round griller…except just not today. Middle of another 8-10 foot dump in the Sierras, even Reno expecting a foot or two. Tomorrow or Tuesday be back out firing it up. Gotta eat😆


I couldn’t do it in -18° unless I had a deck right off my kitchen. Maybe in my next home.


That is dedication. Do you charcoal or gas?
If I had a gas grill I would do cold weather grilling but not with charcoal.


Charcoal. Thats the only way to go! Ive had to shovel through 2-3 feet of snow before to get to my grill. If i go more than 3 days, i swear i get withdrawls:joy:


In my younger days when I lived in an apartment, I pulled the grill up to the patio door. Slide open the glass door, open grill, turn meat all without having to step outside. Grilling smarter not harder on the truly frigid days.


Looks to me like you needs a lot more insulatin’! FWIW, the weather quack on the Atlanta news just said they’d likely set a new high temp record in the next couple days-possibly as high as 78!!!. It’s now 70 up here in the hills as I type this! Might as well do some ribs this evenin’!


I’m close to we should go plinking with Gatekeeoer & any others in around us, we can also swap ideas.