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Coast Guard Gets Glocks

Gen 5 Glock 19 selected by Coast Guard.

I honestly can’t think of a better selection for what is arguably the harshest working environment a carry pistol must endure.

@Texprep … curious about your thoughts


It was a wise choice.
The only thing I like about the Army’s choice was that the frames could be fitted to the user’s hand size. Outside of that criteria Glock should have been chosen. Medium and small handed shooters can be taught to use the Glock effectively. Sigs, 1911s, Taurus, Walthers and S&W M&Ps all have better ergonomics for my shorter fingers, but I shoot the Glock well and trust it and its magazines over all the rest.
I’d be curious if they considered the 17 for its longer sight radius and or the 19x with its increased capacity?


@Dred, I think its a great idea. Glocks simply work no matter what you do to them. I know I resisted plastic striker fired pistols for a long time. What finally made me try a Glock was an HPD armor and an FBI agent. Both praised their dependability and simplicity. I now own several glocks and have NEVER had any problems. My EDC weapon is a Glock 27, .40 cal. It has held up to mud, sand, saltwater, and shop chemicals. Bottom line, It’s ability to hold up to environmental extremes, its reliability, and simplicity should make it an excellent choice. Only downside I see is caliber. Guess that’s the result of being part of NATO.

@Dred, How are you liking it out at Pearland Shooting Club?


Better than a McDonalds Commercial - I’M LOV’N IT! And, I haven’t even played pistols, carnival games, shotguns or air rifles yet. It is a veritible adult amusement center. Heck, I’ll prolly grab a crossbow and play archery too. Big, big thanks. Folks leave brass litter just like Bayou, but I ain’t minding carrying home more brass than I shoot.

I am certain there is a way or range to shoot 25 yards. Rules describe it on Range 1, but I only see a 25 yard target stand on the rimfire range. It’ll be awhile before I get confident with the rules - but the shooters have been polite and awesome. It’s also fun for me to see folks so fascinated by Gators.

I have fallen into a pattern of shooting on Fridays that I don’t schedule repair/install jobs. I’m targeting 2+ trips a month.

My girl and I are trying to move to the Rosharon area. When that finally happens (we’ve missed 2 places in 2 weeks), I already know I’ll drop my Texas Gun Club membership. Presently TGC is just highly convenient for me during the week and I don’t mind the conditioned air. I’m just not shooting enough to cover the monthly since swapping from shooter to hoarder.


@Dred, Range 1 is to the left of the sign in area. At the far left is the 25 yard range. There should be a target frame and steel targets set up unless they are getting it ready for a match. One thing to remember is no penetrator rounds on the steel targets. Sure you’re smart enough to figure that out but some people sometimes forget what they have loaded in their mags. You’ve probably seen the range map online but if not, here it is. This is an old map that doesn’t have all the pistol bays/cells, the airgun range, or the new clubhouse but it gives you an idea of range 1.


Yep, but nothing to the left of the 50. I have target frames and a measuring wheel, so I can set up a 25. Hasn’t been an issue yet, but the Sharpshooter committee resurrected the 25 yard contest, so … I gotta figure something to shoot 25 yd. Distances aren’t marked on one so I ran’m with the measuring wheel. It is target boards at 50, steel and target boards at 100, etc.

Fridays have RSOs on golf carts so I’ll ask’m about setting up my target board for the leftmost 50 bench or just shoot 25 off hand at TGC.

I’m taking my brother out on Friday.


@Dred, What will you be shooting? Pistols and pistol caliber carbines can be shot in the pistol bays behind the pistol cells. You can practice shoot and move drills back there. You can also shoot rifles at 25 yards on range 4 but that is bench rest only and no rapid fire. One shot every 4 to 6 seconds. Its mainly for sighting in and getting your rifle on paper.


Pistol bays:. I look forward to shooting PCC, but I can’t get the variance to shoot them within the rules until I shoot three on-site matches and apply for/receive the variance.

Range 4 is also strict bench rest. We require a fully supported rifle which violates sharpshooter rules. Sharpshooter is good with forend support but disallows supported buttstock.

Going friday to get my brother familiar/comfortable with his new 300BO AR and his 556 AR - bost pistol length. I figure we’re going to shoot on Range 1. I found him the ammo so I know it’s ok on One.

To anyone reading along - the rules read as though they have been patched to repair holes. Too many members for a free for all - joy of urban living.


@Dred, You can shoot PCC in the pistol bays and cells now but only straight wall common pistol calibers. I have shot my S2K a few times there. You must receive a variance for 5.56, 300 BO, etc. or any other “rifle caliber”.
The firearms you will be shooting Friday will be best on range 1 until you get a variance after which time you will be able to shoot them in the pistol bays out back. I am currently waiting to receive my variance.
I might add now is a good time to be shooting the matches. Not as many people doing it during this ammo shortage.


It was selected because it was cheap. CG falls under DHS umbrella and they already had Glocks so all they had to do was order a few more. It’s a bog standard Glock, cheap and cheerful.


@AV8R … I live close to the coast. I wore my poly 1911 fishing in Louisiana last year. Rust had started by the time I got home to TX late the same day. That is my fault for failing to EZox it before wearing it on the water.

I kept my father’s Colt Trooper Mk III when he asked me how to unload it. He had it setup with 6 live 357 Magnums, but the cylinder had rusted shut. I was unwilling to fire them to make the revolver safe, so I carefully disassembled it with extreme safe direction muzzle discipline. I say this 'cause the glock stored next to it in the drawer was 100% operational and undamaged.

I believe the CG wanted Glocks 'cause Salt Water eats steel.


The DHS wanted them because it was cheaper to order more of what they already have.
I wasn’t suggesting they buy 1911’s or anything else.
The Glock will be fine for the CG just as it is for the BP.


Thank you for getting me to read the rules again. You are correct. My point of confusion came from the pistol caliber discussion included in the variance section.

I suppose I need to get a ruling before playing 460Rowland. It does not hit harder than 44Mag, but … it ain’t common.

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@panamax welcome to the forum


As a happy Glock 26 Gen4 owner (my EDC)…I also think it was a good choice. Only issue I have is with the stock sights. Never got used to them.
Hope they get the TruGlo TFX pros with day/night capabilities…made all the difference for me.


Agreed 100% The stock ones aren’t that bad but there are better ones. Sights on every one of my Glocks have been replaced with some tritium/fiber optic day glow/night sights.


@AV8R Come on Nigel. Don’t hold back now. Put your foot into it this time. :rofl:


If my opinion matters, I think one Glock v. 1911 keyboard battle per decade is plenty. Order of events is predictable: Bait a challenge. Accept a challenge. Team Glock goes quiet. Smoke’m if you got’m. Itch scratched.

We like what we like. This 1911 fanboy appreciates what Gaston brings to the party


Well this 1911 fanboy has stated his position and will rest on it along with John Moses Browning.
In the Army I was issued with a L9A1 which I would bet my life on. It was also a design of John Moses Browning.
Glocks are fine just not my cup of Earl Grey.
It’s like Kias and Cadillacs, I prefer and own a Cadillac.


As a card carrying member of both teams, ya just have to realize, arguing with either is like wrestlin a pig. After a lot of sweat, fuss, and cuss, you get nowhere, and realize the pig actually likes it.

And i won a trophy for pig wrestlin back before participation trophies existed. Just sayin.:sweat_smile::joy:

Me and my friends incessantly rag each other, so i take this all with a healthy dose of brotherly love here fellas​:wink: :zipper_mouth_face::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: