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CMR/PMR 30 mags

Have you guys ever considered making better CMR/PMR 30 magazines? I’d pay a premium for good metal mags that load easy and work properly.


What are the Issues Use same grain ammo, lubed, proper loading.


That has zero to do with anything. They are crappy mags and always have been. I’ve had my CMR and PMR 30 for years. I’ve never own any firearm with mags that require so much fidgeting to load and get to work properly. Love the guns…hate the mags.


Are you certain? Rimmed cases feed a treat with tube mags. Not so much with box mags. Same same for 22lr, and 12guage. If I do my part - loading properly - both work a treat. Loading is a PITA though.

Simplest way to simplify your loading is to run’m as 10 rders - pretty easy to get ten loaded right.

That said, @DivaMarie told you everything you need to know to run your C/PMRs right close to 100% reliably.


Yeah, I’m certain. I’ve owned a lot of guns in my life. Mags should not require thought or proper technique to load. The word technique should not even be a thing when loading mags. My part should be to just put bullets in the mags and shoot. I don’t want to run 30 round mags as 10 rounders, I want to run them as 30 rounders. There is no way to run a CMR 30 100%. Been shooting this thing for years. I don’t want to make due, I want to be able to load a mag with not much thought and shoot like the many other guns I’ve had over the years which is why I made the post. If you don’t care to have better mags that’s fine, but I’d like to have better, which is why I made the post.