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Cmmg-Resolute 7.62 x 39

Ok I went back to the dark side again. I used to have AK"s. Saiga’s etc. Went to pure AR platforms for the modularity and accuracy.

I been thinking about 300 black out and just couldn’t get away from the fact that the 7.62 x 39 rounds still had more power.

The cmmg offeres AR like accuracy. I always wanted an AR style 7.62 x39 gun. I just like that round .

Plus you can still get cheap ammo .

So I did it. Should be here next week.

Now i have to sell my 300 stuff and not look back.


@Silverback When I bought my SKS I actually went there to look at a 7.62 upper for an AR build and ended up with an SKS. I still want to build a 7.62 I’ve been looking at radical arms here lately. How much coin did you drop if you don’t mind sir?


Oh man my credit card is crying.
They had them at classic arms yesterday put it in my cart and today it was 20 dollars more.
It was under suggested retail but I would it had been allot less.


Don’t forget you can buy the 7.62x39 spam cans, good stuff ! 7.62 x 39 is my Hog rifle, the herd doesn’t like shooting at them especially mama & the pine trees around here are difficult to climb so bolt action is out of the question.


I cant wait until it comes in.