M*CARBO Brotherhood

CMMG Banshee 200 AR 9MM

Purchased this a few months ago and was unable to get it to eject snap caps so I took it to a local gunsmith to check it out and give it a once over. Took a while to get it back, but in the end it checked out fine. They had the same issue with failure to eject and failure to feed using A-Zoom snap caps, but after they stripped and cleaned it and took it to the range to test fire it had zero issues with live rounds.

I finally got to the range this week and was able to fire it myself for the first time. I had one issue with a jammed round that I’m going to put down to a non-Glock mag. Apart from that I had zero issues and it was a blast to shoot. I ended up putting about 300 rounds through it.

I have applied for a tax stamp for it so I can convert it to an SBR and hopefully that arrives soon (it’s been over 60 days now since I applied).

Short video of first trip to the range