Citadel Boss 25 jam

I have had my Boss 25 for a few weeks now and love it. One problem i am having is when i shoot Winchester high brass 71/2’s, the shell from the mag most of the time gets hung going into the chamber. Shoots fine with 00 buck and even some cheap low brass Federal 71/2’s. Maybe it just doesn’t like the Winchester high brass. The hull feels a little thicker on them. Going to try some different rounds next week. Was just wondering if anyone had any trouble shooting Winchester high brass with there’s.



I have no help for you yet.
I have both the Citadel and Typhoon.
New , haven;t fired yet.

I purchased recently :
double ought buck

I understand they recommend 50 high powered (ie Buck) to break them in being Turkey Made Shotguns.

I’m going to try to shoot some of all those rounds. There all 2 3/4 no 3" yet.
Lord willing I get to the range I will post the results for both those shotguns.

Thanks for your information.
Larry :innocent:


My problem with the Winchester is not the shooting. It jams feeding the next round. I took the Winchester high brass back and swapped them for some Rio 71/2’s. Shot 5 through it this morning and fed great. Guess it doesn’t like Winchester shells


I have noticed the same issue. I tore it apart and cleaned and greased/lubricated everything. Still would misfeed. I swapped out the piston/buffer for the low power one and it worked just fine.


After break in and shooting different ammo it works great. A lot of fun to shoot.