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Citadel boss 25 charging handle

Sup brothers… I recently lost the charging handle to my shotgun (citadel boss 25) was wondering if anyone knew of any places I could get a replacement?

No luck with the manufacturer… anyone have any ideas?


Look up the charging handle for the typhoon f12. Pretty sure it’s the same shotgun just a different manufacturer stamp on it.

How did you lose the charging handle? I’ve got a boss 25 and can barely get the handle out for disassemble and clean


check with Rainier arms, they sell em they a decent place to work with,

also check with these guys, Rock Island VR 80 stormtrooper charging handle is similar and oversize, it might work a lot of the ARplatform 12 ga share similar parts designs, but they might could custom cut you one. delt with them before.


I am having the same issue with charging handle coming out while firing

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Given the way the above thread just cut off, I’m assuming one of the above links will give you a fix.
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