Check your gear 🎾

PSA time. Check your gear for function! Today while running the dhg mail in match I found my surefire x300u-b is dead in the water.

New fresh battries, nothing. Swapped a known good tail switch, no dice. Tried dead light switch on known good light, works. Dammit, something internally in the led head is dead.

So folks, check your gear, change the battries, check for broken components.


:+1: :+1: :+1:

Good call! :ok_hand: I was going through some of my gear the other day. Cameras, gps, etc.
Made sure all the batteries were charged, I had all my cords, and everything passed a function test.


Don’t you just love it when everything works just like you expected it to! It tends to make your entire day go better & happier.


I regularly use a variety of holsters for carry and competition. The 1st day of each month is “Check your holster screws days”. Have a little Blue Loctite out just in case.


How many have you found work loose even after the blue is on em?


I have noticed a few loosen up mainly with my leather holsters. Leather expands/contracts(?). The Kydex… not so much.


Nothing loosened on my holsters, but they are all kydex, with cleaned and loctited screwes. Scope rings? Yes damn near every time on my ar6.5 with blue loctite. Went with red now.

Going to change out all optic battries tomorrow night. For those with rmr’s, how far off did you have to re-zero when you swapped battries?

I emailed surefire, no response. So I’ll call tomorrow.


Got response yesterday late afternoon. Got rma #, had to pay shipping, but don’t mind as I dont recall how long ago I bought it.

Luckly they are only a hour and a half drive away. I would have dropped it off myself, but would have spent 40$+ on gas.


I run the Holosun HS507K-X2. Has a couple features I really like.

  1. When the battery gets low, the reticle starts flashing so you know it’s time to change the battery. It doesn’t just quit like most of them.
  2. It has a battery tray that slides out. No need to remove the optic to change the battery.