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Charging Handle Not Reversible?

Hello, MCARBO! My first post…but not my first rodeo w/ MCARBO products…

This one is not M*CARBO-related, but I want to see if I’m the only one on the forum who’s experienced it.

Got a brand-new Ruger PC Carbine 9mm (19100) and the first thing I did was put in the Glock adapter; no issues…

Then I swap the charging handle to the left side…and the slide won’t retract. So I return it to the right side; no issues.

I do this 3 or 4 times; it works fine on the right side of the receiver, but fails on the left. (You’d like to think that their Quality Control department would check out the gun in all available configurations…)

I reach out to Ruger…and they say I have to return it to Ruger. I’m debating the timing of letting it go right now (as Election Day looms) versus sticking with the right-side charging handle configuration, getting it sighted in, and seeing how the chips fall the 1st week of November.

Bottom-line, has anyone heard of or experienced this?

My intent – and tell me if a good idea or not – was to keep the stock charging handle on the original right side, and install the inbound M*CARBO Charging Handle on the left… (but I don’t know if the additional weight might mess with the cycle of operation)

Any input would be appreciated…and thanks in advance.


P.S. - Ruger Customer Service would not tell me if anyone else has experienced this…


Welcome to the Brotherhood, Bob. I had no problems or issues with mine and haven’t seen any posts here by anyone else with that problem. Can you tell where it’s binding? Is the charging handle touching the sides of the slot? Tell us more, show us pictures and/or vids, maybe we can suggest something.


Thanks, phuzzy42!

I really do think the left-hand charging handle “hole” is the culprit – it’s not centered / “plumb” with the receiver slot… See pic attached here and below

If your charging handle is not installed on the left side of the receiver, could you take a look and see if yours is centered all the way around?

Thanks…and enjoy the weekend!


Pic #2. (I guess newbies can only post 1 pic at a time!)


The most “centered” pic I can take…


That’s effed up!
I think I would disassemble the receiver, check that there is nothing interfering with the bolt seating correctly and then measure both of the mounting hole locations on the bolt.


I would say that looks a bit off. I think @Slowest’s suggestion is probably a good place to start. If you’ve never torn your PCC apart before, this might help…

Do be aware that the bolt catch pin can fall out of the trigger group pretty easily. If you keep it oriented as he does in the video (right side face up), you’ll probably be okay.


I have my charging handle on the left side so I can’t take a pic of it. Does the bolt handle rub the bottom of the slot or is it below the slot so it hits when pulled back? I’d put the bolt handle screw back in without the handle itself and see if the bolt can be pulled back - I’d bet it can. Measure from the bottom of both slots to the bottom of the receiver. Are they the same? If so, the bolt was drilled incorrectly and Ruger could send a replacement. If the measurements are different, the receiver is screwed and Ruger has to fix it. I’d also measure the screw holes in the bolt to see if they’re equal.

When you deal with Ruger, include pictures that prove your point. It’s hard to refute good documentation and you now have a paper trail.


Thanks so much! Ruger (of course) wants the whole gun back…which I don’t want to do based on the “current unpleasantness”…so I’m gonna hold off until after Election Day and make a decision. I’ll also hold off on installing those M*CARBO upgrades until I get her back…

Again, thanks for the responses, brothers!


Mine looks to be riding slightly high with the charging handle mounted on the right side (where I keep it). I have mounted it both ways and never had an issue like yours.

Good luck and I hope you find a simple fix/explanation…without sending it in.

Correction I forgot to remove the safety flag. Everything is centered.

Are the Bolt Head Pins (75) and Extractor Pin (73) seated all the way down?
That could be an issue if one is up and skewing the bolt alignment

Have you field stripped and inspected the bolt assembly and checked yet?


Great idea! Will check…



Get a load of this, folks:

I get my M*CARBO upgrades in the mail today…and, as a fluke, install the extended charging handle on the left side…


Go figure.

Some further advice / opinions needed, if I may ask:

I’ve not shot it yet…and I’ve not taken off the OEM charging handle (on the right side), so I have both installed…

Would that extra weight affect the cycling of the bolt? Could I keep both on, versus having only one on the left side (my preference)?

Thinking an “ambidextrous” charging option might not be a bad idea… Has anyone tried this?

Again, thanks for all the suggestions on my original request!!!


Shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve been running the factory handle on the right and an extended charging handle on the left going on 2500 rounds now, not a single issue. Plus, since I don’t run a red dot or anything on the receiver top rail, I can actually reach both handles at the same time over the top for manipulation. I use VC3 on the screws for both to keep them in place, only downside is you’ll have to pull both off to do a deep cleaning.


I don’t think the issue is solved. Recommend the field strip and bolt inspection. It should work with the stock charging handle ambidextrous as designed.
If any of the pins are not fully seated down they will start to scratch the aluminum receiver. Check for wear.