Charging Handle & Feeder Ramp

All Things SUB-2000.
I tried installing new charging handle and i compressed spring and nkw i cannot get the new end that is tooless to fit on spring. My hands are bleeding and my sub out of commission after i installed modifications a day. Can anyone help me please. I cannot compress spring to get old or new end on which fits into charging handle. Text .e call me anything. 315 338 1117

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Try this. It made the install very easy.

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Thank you i was able to finally get it done but it took the help of my 100lb Filipinoa wife lol! Seems to work greT just like the rest of my m carbo items. Waiting for more. Was curious about stainless steel feed ramp. I dont want to mess with trigger what os your thoughts sir? Thank you in advance.


@Rossman Hey Steve! That is another “must do” upgrade.

And always keep it good and polished. :+1: There is a YouTube video of our fearless leader (@ChrisNelson) using his OCD skills to drive the viewer crazy polishing, and polishing, and polishing… for like… 43 minutes!

Warning: Any of his videos that start with the words “Really excited…” should be viewed with discretion. I’m not sure how much they let him out anymore.