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Charging Handle = Bad Extraction

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I am hoping to get some guidance. I received and installed the new charging handle and suddenly having extraction problems. The cases are being crushed. The gun functions properly beforehand and I have confirmed the reassembly is correct. Has anyone had experience in correcting this? Is there a known fix (perhaps a stiffer recoil spring)?


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Check the ejector stamped metal piece in the receiver, you can pull and hold the bolt to where it will hit the case (red arrow). Also check to make sure the bolt is not off kilter too. I had this problem fte stuck cases on the bolt. You can see in the pic mine is clearly missing the spent casing (as in contact to flip out the casing). I pulled that piece out and put a slight bend in it to make positive contact on a casing. Works perfect.

Edit to add - see that one case that has a slit? The stamped steel ejector is the thing that cut that case.