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Changing The Paradigm


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After spending 47 minutes installing a seat belt buckle in my truck I am in need of band aids, but I’ll survive!!


@Partsed Ouch! Looks like you been trying to load a KSG! LOL

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I’ll take the scratches on my hand any day compared to the cuts I got on each of my thumbs from a SGM magazine that had a metal bur on each of the feed lips, which I encountered while unloaded a magazine…

Makes it a real pain to type and text on a iPhone… :grimacing:


my last grinder modification. thats why i keep sutures on hand…saved my self the cost of going to the vet…


@GOBLIN ahhh Buck, why did I know you would win the “who has the ugliest wound” contest? :joy:

Speaking of grinders, I have done more damage to my body with an angle grinder (especially with sanding discs) than any other tool! :hushed:


Doint i know it brother. this one dressed the shop like a scene out of leatherface “TCM” blood made the rafters :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
all the practice keeps me up to snuff on sutures though. never use Lidocain though to me it burns worse than just putting in the sutures… years ago, when girlchild was watching me sew myself up on the kitchen table, from some mis-adventure, she was about 7, I made a idle threat, that if she did anything risky and got cut, I would sew her up on the kitchen table as well (which i wouldnt have , she would have went to the doc) knock on wood, shes never had a cut deep enough to warrant a suture… the psyops of being a parent sometimes…


All of your videos are playing (as of now…) :+1:


Holy $hit!!! That hurts just looking at it!!!



Yup, once you have to start self-injecting, needles ain’t nearly as bad as most folks “think” they are. (well, unless you try to inject with yer left hand when yer right one is the dominant! I did find that out the hard way!)
Whilst I have yet to have the need stitch up myself(knock on wood!) and much like you that Lidocain burns me so bad enough that now I think if really needed I could easily sew up a gash in order to save a trip to the ER…


You sir are right about the lidocaine. Have had those injections several times. Once when I passed out from dehydration and did a face plant on the bathroom floor. Broke off my two front teeth and lacerated my lower lip. I thought that was pain until the injected the lidocaine at the hospital before putting in 14 stitches. Also had it twice just before they did some steroid injections in my spine. Felt like they were shooting me up with acid. And of course, they tell you not to move while they’re doing it.


So we did our debrief yesterday for all coaches and admin from Fridays shoot (we did it while shooting on the pistol range of course!):blush:

My goal is an open practice twice a month that is primarily fun but is also skills based.

However, due to the nature and age of the group that has changed it is felt that we need to go to an instructional model?

As was discussed elsewhere, every homicide in our community in the last five years was drug related, involved an immediate family member (usually living in the home), and the majority of the time involved a grandparent defending themselves against a violent, grandchild.

While this is probably needed it takes down a dark place and deep into the “what ifs” that to be honest I am not sure I want to get into.

What’s your guys opinions?


You gone through extensive efforts to focus on the physical mechanics of shooting and defensive shooting. If you don’t cover the “dark” aspects of self defense then you would be shortchanging your students. Learning the how of using a weapon is only one part of the self defense paradigm. You also need to learn when to shoot, why to shoot and who you’re likely to have to shoot. The sporting aspect of what you’re doing along with the camaraderie it creates are great, and very important. But let’s not forget to focus on the “other” reason most of us carry and practice.


@Dane you bring up a valid point that was brought up by one of our coaches.

I am not against it…

One of the reasons competitive shooters are so much better than military and LEOs is the sheer amount of rounds they put down range. They do this because it is fun!

People tend to do things they enjoy more and avoid the things they don’t.

So I want this to be fun and frequent.

I also want it to be skills based.

Right now our course is designed with left and right angles and targets that the shooter MUST NEUTRALIZE before they move to the next position of cover. (No just taking a penalty and move on). All shots must be taken from cover and targets are anywhere from “in your face” to 30 yards away (defensive ranges). Most targets are hidden by these barricades and there are no-shoots sprinkled in to force shooters to think.


Maybe I should split the difference and offer a separate classroom course to discuss strategy, tactics, and legal ramifications? I have a good rapport with local LEOs and attorneys who have actually defended and tried cases such as this.

Not sure how many folks would take that class though.

But that is exactly why I posted this topic. If you look at our industry everything from the products that are marketed, the training schools, and shooting sports is focused as if we are all elite military or on a SWAT team.

Its all based on being on the offensive…in the civilian world we would call that MURDER!

About 90% of what is out there is either useless, dangerous, or will get you thrown in prison.

I can’t change the world, just want to change my small part of it. :grin::+1:


To be honest here is what irks me about our industry since about 2005. It seems like the people who make our guns, our parts, and even our coffee all bill themselves as tactical operators.

You see this a lot in reviews, articles, and training courses as well.

This military mindset is about as far from civilian self defense as you can be!


I agree, The military mindset is also very far from the LE mindset. In LE there are no acceptable levels of loses in order to obtain an objective. As it should be in civilian self defense. A lot of these “tactical operators” are coming from the “Field of Dreams” perspective of “if you build it, they will come”. So they put together a cool school and hope enough sign up to make it profitable. I have always been a proponent of knowing your audience and tailoring the training to your crowd, even to the individual. Too much training is group training and not enough focus on individual coaching. Too many event planers out there and not enough who have the real talent to coach.