Changing From Multi To Glock


I did it this week. I changed from the berretta grips to the glock 23 grips as I did the pro trigger upgrade. I took my time & followed the video and did not have any problems.


I have 4 of the promag s&w 32 round mags and when fully loaded they rattle. No issue with them otherwise.


I got a response from Wolff regarding availability of an increased power spring for the Promag 32s. They indicated they have never had one in their facility so … naturally, I volunteered to get one into their shop. I’ll report back if they accept my offer.


If the promags become reliable with new springs, I would much rather keep my m&p so that I can share with my side arm. @Dred, let us know your findings and keep us posted, thank you!:+1:


You need to change your charging handle. MCARBO’s new handle Rocks. I just installed their trigger kit and it’s got 5.5# pull. Love it.

FYI they are coming out with a new butt pad and more importantly, a new Red dot mount so you can swing it out of the way to fold. Can’t wait… should be out in May/June. I’m already on their contact list, but will be checking their site and calling, just in case they lost my number…:open_mouth::laughing:

MCARBO, I :heart: you guys!
Best customer service!
Keep making mods, I have most everything you created. :rofl:

Remember the Alamo!


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I bought a 20 round baretta mag at Cabala’s the other day it fits a bit tight but locks in nicely. The mag that came with it works slick though

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