Changing From Multi To Glock


Hello all, kinda new to s2k, finally got one last weekend, it’s the m&p because I own m&ps but now I’m thinking I might want the Glock since the mags are so much cheaper, has anyone switched? Is there any issue with switching? I am thinking about switching now because I just ordered the pro trigger kit and figure, I should do it while I have it all apart, please chime in and let me know if you have and the plus and minuses of switching, I figure if I can’t stand using it, I can always switch back…

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K … so … help me figure. If you own M&Ps, then you own m&p mags. The M&P mags you already own work in you S2k. But, you are considering a glock swap so you can spend less on mags. I say go for it with the expectation that the glock mags will be your next excuse to buy some glocks to fit the mags you will soon own.

This is true until after you get the pro trigger kit installed. Once it is installed, most lose interest in opening up the Sub 2k again.


Ok, yes I do own a few m&p mags but I’m not a fan of pro mag because I had some bad experiences with them and to my knowledge, I don’t think anyone else makes a high capacity mag for m&p which is a shame because I love my m&ps, I have owned Glocks in the past but couldn’t get used to the grip angle but I do like Glock mags, so much aftermarket support for those and the happy stick always makes me jealous until I try to shoot a Glock and remember why I don’t own them anymore, that being said, you can get a happy stick for $20 all day, m&p mags are expensive with little high capacity aftermarket support, that is why I am considering Glock mags, I know it doesn’t make complete sense as a backup but this is one of my many dilemma.

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Brownell’s has the 17rd 9mm S&W factory mags almost always on sale 3 for $64.99. I buy them all the time from them, they also have free shipping over $75 so add a toss in $10 item and it’s basically free. :wink:


I really think he wants to use the 33rd Glock mags and I don’t blame him… 17 rd M&P mags just do not have the “smile factor” happy sticks have! I understand exactly where he is coming from because I only have and love M&P handguns but I own a S2k in Glock 17 mag form just because of there dependable factory 33 rd mags…


@Kris the 33 round happy sticks do bring a smile to my face :grin:


@Kris That is precisely correct, happy sticks are great and the only thing that I’m jealous of on a Glock, I may give the promag another shot before I switch since it seems everyone on this forum seems to think they work great, even if I can only load 30, I’d be happy😃


I have the promag 32rd sticks for my M&P and have had no issue with them so far.IMG_20180507_040106612%20(640x480)



Do you keep them loaded and ready? My Subbie is part of my defensive net - but, the first time I tried to run a happy stick that was loaded with Speer Gold Dot 147s for one week - 5 stoppages in 30 rounds. I’m thinking I should fish them out of the junk drawer and see about getting them functional. I don’t know if I’ll ever regain enough confidence in them to run them tactically. I have 1911 mags that had ben loaded for years dump their payloads cleanly when it came time to prove it. I want happy sticks that can prove it.


@Dred, I feel you brother, that’s why I started this post, I wish mec gar would get on the M&P band wagon and produce some quality high cap mags for M&Ps, I’ve had so many different mec gars for various guns that I would trust it over an OEM mag until they prove me wrong, I would always test out a mag before I use it for defense purposes but I have not had a single mag induced failure from a mec gar.


If Magpul starts running out of ideas again they may go for M&P mags. They just released milspec eyewear so something else is definitely on the horizon. I solely use their glock mags and some cheapo Korean sticks that I found locally.

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Waiting on mine for glock 23. Already have one but it was a rough choice between switching and buying a mp .40.

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Hmm, I was just flipping through kel-tec’s website and saw that they have tp9 and CZ 75 mag catch, I might just get one of those and get a bunch of 20 rounders, I’ve had several mec gar 20 round for a tp9 and they are fantastic!
Maybe a couple of these

Always wanted a sig, maybe if I get the mag I’ll someday be able to afford the firearm to go with it


No I leave them empty. I would have to unload them before going to the range. They check all the ammo before shooting.


Fair. Mine also ran when I loaded fresh at the range. My problem centers around rude and impatient bad guys that don’t respect calls for “time out” so I can load up the happy sticks I want to unload on them. This is why my happy sticks just aren’t invited anywhere.

At any rate … just sent an email to Wolff regarding availability of an increased power replacement mag spring. I will cross my fingers while I consider ordering a Glock Happy Stick replacement spring to try my luck. And just a thought, but … if I could spring it, Taran Tactical’s +6 basepad would make for an extra happy 39 round capacity.


Is the spring strong enough to push 39 rounds? That would be a fun mag dump at the range.


Wolff is up to bat regarding spring strength right now. Promag already screwed that pooch with the spring they supplied that won’t push the 30 rounds I loaded last week.

In the end, I do prefer the weight, balance and aesthetics of my 23 rounders (17s with +6 basepads). But I won’t require aesthetic appeal for 10 extra hole punchers.


I use the 32 round Promag S&W M&P 9mm with not a single problem, in fact I usually use them with 35 rounds (which fit easily) I’m nothing but happy with my S&W Sub2K, especially now that I got my Rocksett delivery and the muzzle break is installed! :smiley:

The 32 round Promags for M&P can be had for $23.01 right now @ this link:



Are you keeping them fully loaded and ready all the time? I am asking 'cause I’m grasping at that little glimmer of hope your report resusitates. I have no desire to run the Happy’s in the pistol - but bets are off if I’m upgrading to the carbine and I simply need slap it in and poke holes that need poking reliability. Zero problems sure sounds close to what I’m desiring.


@Dred What good is an empty magazine? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I keep all my magazines fully loaded all the time. It’s easier to keep track of how much ammo I need to buy at all times if I know my magazines are full. I even keep the 32’s with 35 rounds in them and never had an issue EVER. I’ve run those ProMag 32’s in my pistol for a long time, yes they look silly but it is fun at the range.

Of course now I’m gonna have problems because I got cocky about it lmao